One Chip Tree and Chipping Services
Quakers Hill, NSW
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One Chip Tree and Chipping Services


- Tree removal,
- Tree pruning,
- Tree lopping,
- Tree felling,
- Chipping services,
- Mulch and Firewood Sales,
- Stump grinding,
- Removal of dead and dangerous tree or branches.

Tree removal
If you have trees or bushes that need to be removed, one of the easiest ways to have it done is by the professionals at One Chip Tree Lopping and Chipping Services.

We will come out to your home or business, view the tree or trees in question, and give you a quote on tree and tree stump removal.

Tree trimming
Many people do their own tree trimming and basic care of their trees, but there are some instances when you are well advised to leave the care of your trees to a professional.
Tree limbs close to your home or near power lines? No problem, we can come out and give you a free quote!

Tree stump removal
Tree stump removal is not something you think about until it's time to have a tree cut down. If you are used to having a well manicured lawn that looks great to you as well as to others, there might be nothing worse than a tree stump standing out in the middle of your yard.

Tree stump removal will allow you to get rid of the eye sore, and perhaps in time even be able to plant a new tree near where the stump used to be.

Stump grinding
Stump grinding is something that many homeowners choose to do, because the stump in their yard is not easily removed or simply impossible to remove without tearing up the entire yard.

You can make over the whole look of your yard with stump grinding, because you'll quickly and easily take away the unsightly stump!

Please call Mark for a free quote, servicing Sydney's Western, North West and Northern suburbs.



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