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name Dhaval Shah
mob 0431299887
tel 0398665352
addr Suite 1 Level 1 10 Queens Road
VIC, 3004
abn 48134827348 View ABN details→


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TelefieldSales Pty Ltd

TeleField Sales is internationally recognized for providing the most innovative, affordable Sales and Marketing services.

We use state of the art technology, professional, experienced and friendly staff to deliver excellent service and satisfaction to your customers.

We provide a wide range of telemarketing and field sales services. Our call centers are capable of offering 24X7 live support.
Companies from varied business backgrounds have out sourced their Sales and Marketing services like
lead generation
appointment setting
survey and database generation
B2B and B2C sales
Let our professional staff do the work for you, at rates that are truly affordable to companies like you.

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