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LIME Architects is an architectural practice that is passionate about great designs and practical solutions.

We marry clever design with practical solutions that are buildable, environmentally sensible, and cost effective. The extra you invest in good design and beyond just drafting will be evident and appreciated at our first design presentation.

Our business approach:

1. Listen to what are the key issues our clients wish to achieve then deliver unique design solutions.
2. Well considered design provides a better building lifestyle and ultimately higher resale value.
3. We offer solutions beyond client expectations.

Only 6 % of Australians commission an architect to take control of their residential building design. The remaining 94% elect to engage a building designer, saving the equivalent of the cost of a top of the range dishwasher. A good architect can save three times their fees worth by clever and efficient layouts and a hierarchy of item choices.

The 94% of Australians who engage a building designer, in many cases, spend their time and their hard earned money relying on a builder to solve poor planning layouts. Once construction commences, it is the builder the 94% relies on to pick up the pieces when they realise the layout is disappointing.

If you realise too late you have a building that is poorly designed, you will have ended your relationship with your designer and have to rely on their builder to throw good money in rectifying poorly considered layouts, inappropriate external claddings and possibly poor quality fittings and items.

You are entrusting your designer with one of, if not the single most important financial investment in your life. If you are going to live or work in a building, then choosing clever architects, is a financial investment not an expense.

Real benefits are in the resale profit but more importantly, better building lifestyle. It's about giving priority to those items that matter and saving on those items that are low in the list of must haves. We promise to guide you on the merits of how to make these choices.

Building Lifestyle. We refer to this term often, and you rarely hear this mentioned by other architects let alone building designers. What is this?

A great example is:

You are into day one of your holiday in a wonderful holiday house/apartment. You are overcome with a feeling of being relaxed. You love the feel of the place, the choice of materials, the colour combinations and the practical relaxed layout. Just then you announce to yourself and those within earshot,"Why can't we live like this?" You are experiencing that resort experience which you'd love to have more often. What you experience is the touch from someone who knows great and simple design.

The answer?

Simple. You don't need to go on more holidays to relax. Just imagine the final building result and invest in good design and have that resort feel and wonderfully clever layout at home.

Now you are thinking like the 6% of Australians.




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"Great to deal with, well priced and quickly got my BASIX report done !!"
from Forestville, NSW posted a job for House Plans on 18 May 2016
"Extremely efficient, knowledgable and reliable. Provided a very good service at an appropriate price."
from Curl Curl, NSW posted a job for Interior Architecture on 2 November 2015


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