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Sandgate, QLD
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Epiphany Editing & Publishing


Epiphany Editing & Publishing is a Brisbane based desktop publishing and editing business dedicated to producing high quality print publications at an affordable price.

At Epiphany Editing & Publishing we work diligently to help you create flawless documents to your specifications using plain English. We guarantee to scrupulously check your written material for factual accuracy; correct spelling, punctuation and grammar; appropriate language and tone; and consistent formatting. As well as offering a meticulous proofreading service, we make editing recommendations regarding document structure, consistency of style, and logical flow of concepts and content.

From designing an effective logo, business card, flyer, brochure, poster or newsletter; to editing and proofreading technical manuals, resumes, student assignments, business documents and manuscripts, Epiphany Editing & Publishing has the expertise to produce a finished publication that is attractive, informative and completely error free.

Epiphany Editing & Publishing has the expertise to undertake all aspects of desktop publishing from start to finish.

Our professional services include:
• initial research and design concept development
• publication layout and typesetting
• copywriting
• image creation and photo editing
• copy and structural editing
• proofreading
• print management.

Contact Epiphany Editing & Publishing to discover how we can offer you a cost-effective publication solution that will meet your requirement for excellence within a strict timeline.



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