Aardark Professional Tree Services
Moorabbin, VIC
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Aardark Professional Tree Services


Why Aardvark?
We love trees
It’s all we do
Your trees are our life
We know what is best for your trees
We know how to help

We at Aardvark are the Trusted Arboriculturalists
Respected since 1990 for our high standards (world famous in your back yard!)

Our Qualified Arborists give the Best advice
Fully insured
Customer focused
Friendly and Careful
Spotless cleanup
Satisfaction guaranteed

We are the tree and stump removal specialists

Are your trees causing issues?

Tight spaces,
Overhead power lines,
Branches damaging your home,
Needing more light,
Your tree is sick or blocking your view.

Aardverk Professional Tree Services have over 20 years experience in tree and stump removal in Melbourne!

We are known for our masterful techniques in effectively removing trees of all sizes, houses, buildings, fences, along with other infrastructures are all incorporated into the tree removal plan.

Before we start dismantling, we must take into consideration many important factors.

The weight and the size with the tree’s limbs.
How close the tree is to power lines, your house, other buildings, or other trees.
How accessible the tree is, in case we have to bring inside the heavy equipment.

Once all measures of safety have been sorted, our Arborists will begin the tree removal process.

We remove all brush and run the limbs through our Mulch chipper. Oversized pieces from the trunk will be cut into Logwood lengths and stacked for you or removed.

At Aardvark Professional tree Services, the well-being and livelihood of your trees is one of our leading priorities.

Your garden is left clean and tidy, and the mulch can be provided at no additional cost. (upon request)

What about the Stump?

If the stump is aesthetically displeasing we can also grind it beneath ground level. In certain scenarios we suggest stump grinding to stop the tree from growing back. Our state of the art stump grinder can manoeuvre into the tightest positions and is environmentally friendly and precise.

Stumps are ground 3-4 inches below ground level with grindings neatly raked back in to the hole.

After the stump is removed, you will not know it was ever there in the very first place!

Call us, Best service, Best price, Happest customers


Aardvark specializes in:

Professional advice - Selecting the right tree, species, size, shape, and position is critical if you want a happy thriving tree in the right environment.

Pruning: All trees, palms vines and shrubs, tree surgery, thinning, dead wood & hazard removal.

Tree health care: Assessment & diagnosis reports, tree preservation & pest management.

Root Management: Root pruning & installation of root and moisture barriers.

Planting and/or Transplanting: From a Rose bush to a 100ft Palm.

Tree report: For permits, valuations, insurance and management plans.

Tree and Stump removal: tight spaces, overhead power lines, branches damaging your home, need more light, debris, hazard, your tree is sick or blocking your view.

Woodchip mulch: Great for the garden, delivered to your door.

How it all works

From the moment we call you, we are with you every step of the way!
1- We contact you
2- A senior member of the Aardvark team visits your property asap
3- You get professional advice and a quote
4- On your acceptance, we lock in your job
5- Aardvark turns up, on time and completes the work, neat and tidy
6- We follow up, making sure you are satisfied with the result

Call us, we are here to help!



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