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Guildford, NSW
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Rosey Hosting Project Management


Rosey Hosting Project Management staff have over 20 yrs. experience in the gardening/landscaping industry and in the maintenance industry. We will soon be adding our climbing ticket and chainsaw ticket to our portfolio. This will allow us to add more services to our extensive range of services already available, such as Patch and paint services for gyp-rock walls, painting, window cleaning, window tinting/frosting, shop/car/truck sign design/printing & application, tap washer replacement and clean valve seat, shower screen installation, blind installation, lawn mowing & edging, irrigation installation and repairs, Gardening and garden building, garden design, turf supply & installation, multch supply & spread plus more. Commercial services include shop/office strip-outs and fit-outs, End of lease clean-up, lawn and property maintenance plus more.

With so many services on offer tree trimming and other jobs requiring climbing will just be another service we will be able to offer. Rosey Hosting Project Management strives to continue to learn, and educate its staff to the highest levels possible. That's why, when we acquire the climbing and the chainsaw licenses, we will be looking at other courses to continue the learning process.
Rosey Hosting Project Management is proud to be able to offer so many services and that is why the learning process is important to your jobs end result, and therefore important to us.
When Rosey Hosting Project Management performs work on your property, we may want to take before and after pics for our portfolio and gallery. Your address and personal details will never be released with-out your permission with exceptions of abiding to NSW state and Australian fedral laws, this includes the Australian Tax Office.

The benefits of having Rosey Hosting Project Management maintaining your property will be clear from the very first visit. Our intention is to give you a property you can continue to be proud of.

Rosey Hosting Project Management holds a $10,000,000.00 public liabilty policy and can produce Certificate of Currency with a few days notice for up to date copy.
We can now offer Window tinting for Home, Office and Car. Pictures will soon be available of some of our jobs in our gallery



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