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Doreen, VIC
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Pattersons Pest Control


We are determined that everyone experiences a high level of customer service - in our communication, the implementation of our practical and professional skills, or in the way in which we go about our day-to-day business.

Our commitment to attaining a high level of professionalism is evident by the extensive technical training, industry knowledge and experience of our team.

Our technicians remain up-to-date with current products, latest technical services and any changes in State and Federal Government Health regulations.

It is our intention that we undertake every service provided to our clients with consistency, efficiency and diligence.

Our business is based on family values. We understand how important it is that our customers are assured that their home and family or their staff and clients are protected from the health hazards of pest infestations. This understanding motivates our team to provide the best care and service to our customers.

Pattersons Pest Control is not just about eliminating problem pests. We are dedicated to providing the information, education and resources our clients need to make their homes and workplaces safer and pest free.

We conduct our business responsibly and diligently and therefore choose biodegradable products, which reduce the impact on the environment while remaining effective in the elimination and management of pest infestations.



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