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Five Dock, NSW
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RCO Engineering


We are one of Sydney's leading providers of Building Design, Engineering and drafting services, and we continue to uphold an outstanding reputation through effective customer service at reasonable prices.

We offer services such as:

• Building Designers
• Engineering
• Construction
• Project management

We also provide structural analysis and design services for a broad range of structures.
We use design analysis and CAD software to create clear and detailed structural drawings.

After the initial consultation, we prepare a service proposal that outlines our understanding of the project and includes our proposed building design fees.

Our goal is to provide the best products and services but still maintain the budget set by the client. For every project we undertake, no matter its size or type, we strive to satisfy the client and to excel at the standards set by the Building Code of Australia.

Choosing us will ensure that each project has all stages completed properly, from design conception right thru construction.



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Dilapidation Reports
Structural reports
Vibration monitoring
Structural drawings
Inspection report - wall removal
Inspection report - wall cracking
Inspection report - concrete spalling
Inspection report - tree root damage