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Clasco Professional Services


We are a Qld based small company which has been in the building and roofing 'game' for 33 years. We have a good reliable team and work for several builders as well as subcontract to private and business people.
We also have access to true, honest and reliable suppliers and tradesmen in all areas whom are trusted, licensed, and reputable. Rest easy knowing we have completed jobs probably far more complex than you require, and with 30+ years of experience, a confident solution will be found that is not only cost efficient, legal, structurally sound and value for money, it will be good looking, professional and long lasting.
If we are too busy or the job is not under my licence, we can usually put you onto someone who can do.
Why go any further, when all of the anxiety, worry, pressure, and doubt can be wiped so you can get on with YOUR job.

Please take the time in viewing our photos to really see the work that has gone into some of these projects. If you look hard enough you will see the ideas, the simplicity, and common sense.
We look forward to solving your carpentry and roofing problems and giving a true, fair and competitive quote. We are on time, with great communication and work ethics and we understand the day to day frantic lifestyles of some very busy people. We are easy to get on with and understand even the most concerned customers. We get it RIGHT first time. Communication is the key and we know how to sort that with initial ideas to suit customer costs and intentions with daily or requested updates.
Please also take into consideration that we will not build or roof anything that in our opinion is a hazard or otherwise, and will more than likely come up with a solution to suit the needs.

Please call 0432 045 208 or email me at and thanks for reading....



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