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OUR FEE FREE GUARANTEES - 1300 5111 51 - Call Now

We promise the following or DON'T PAY us a cent.

1. The Lowest fee or the Biggest refund (Individual) or lowest tax payable (Business)

2. EXTRA money for YOU from past returns you've lodged (hence our name my EXTRA refund)

CALL 1300 5111 51 Now or email for a $400 gift voucher and 1 chance in 5 to win a $10,000 business support packs.

We're the most popular by review and ranked 1 on Service Seeking and are the only PRO classified tax accountant they insure for up to $5000

Don't take our word for it. Click on Reviews tab or simply scroll down this page to see what scores of happy and wealthier clients have to say.

Read on to check out how we'll make you money form this year, past years and future years

It is our unique, national market leading, ability to get you EXTRA refunds from your past years returns that is the reason we are able to keep our fee for your original return so low. Even if we don't or this is your first return you still get the best priced return in Australia.

Don't take our word for it read over 122 reviews - better than the next agent by over 80 and over 110 more than most agents - making us the MOST popular

We also PAY you $25-$200 for friends and family you refer that become paying clients so it may be, like many of our 1000s of clients, that you don't pay US at all, we PAY YOU.

We’d love to help and no one will get you more or serve you more faithfully.

Free advice all year round.


· 10 reasons why we’ll provide you with the best result and best service

· 7 mistakes your tax agents are currently making

Why My Extra Refund? – Quick 10 reasons – Details available upon request

1. Rated No. 1 Tax Accountant Agent Consultant on Service Seeking

2. Lowest basic tax fee*

3. Biggest TFN refund OR Lowest tax payable for businesses – ABN or CAN

4. 100% satisfaction – we don’t lodge and charge until you’re 100% satisfied and sign off. Cost and obligation free interview – Don’t like the result don’t pay

5. Extra refunds from past tax returns - 98% chance of an EXTRA refund from 2015, 2014 and any other tax return you’ve done in the last 2 years

6. FREE review of past tax returns – to ensure you’ve claimed all you’re entitled to legally claim

7. FREE instructions now and ongoing to ensure you are in a position to claim the greatest amount of expenses and thus pay the least tax.

8. FREE – HELP line all year round on tax and non-tax matters (e.g. business, company, trusts etc.)

9. Best reviews -

10. Highest number of positive reviews (almost 100) - approval rating 97%

* For comparably qualified accountants. We can’t compete with friends or dodgy mall or tiny tax agents.

7 mistakes your tax agents are most likely making - just some of the expenses, traditionally unclaimed/under claimed by ALL quick cheap Tax Agents who are rushing to get your interview finished in 10-15 minutes. Quick list – More expenses you’re not claiming and details available upon request.

We will take as long as it takes (more than one interview if needed, we’ll email directions and helpful templates) to ensure wherever possible that you claim all applicable expense categories and the maximum of each expense in each of those categories and train you the steps to take so that in future you could legally claim more going forward

1. Car – Often not even claimed – we’ll take time to teach you how it could be claimed – Up to $20,000 unclaimed

2. Car - if claimed most often claimed by the fast but weakest ‘Cents per Kilometre’ method. There are 4 methods - CPK, 12%, 1/3, logbook – we’ll go through each to find the method that gives you the best result. Up to $16,750 under claimed

3. Travel – we’ll teach you how to make planned private travel partially claimable for TFN or ABN - $1000s unclaimed – think 20% of flights, accom, meals etc

4. Education – TFN or ABN - $1000s unclaimed

5. Your home – TFN or ABN home office as a % of total home costs (rent or owned). 10,000s unclaimed

6. Overtime meal Expenses without receipts if you work overtime – Ave. $3850 unclaimed

7. Donations – We’ll help your donations become claimable – Register your church as a DGR

8. Rental properties – Building depreciation unclaimed ave. $325,000 over 40 years

EXTRA $ refunds from past tax returns can be gained for you by amending those returns and claiming these unclaimed expenses.

Our team has collectively over 75 years’ experience in accounting and tax work. We're a registered tax agent TAN 28774004 - D J Recruitment Pty Ltd T/a My Extra Refund. 1300 5111 51 text 0404866127

Please email us at rather than reply via Service Seeking or we may not see you reply buried among 100s of Service Seeking emails

Benjamin Charles UQ B.Com B.Econ (Hon) ex Price Waterhouse Chartered Accountant ICA
My Extra Refund (Tax Agency Number:28774004 – D J Recruitment Pty Ltd)

Basic Personal Tax Returns - From $55 ($20 BILLBOARD OFFER - is for a basic for the current year if we earn from amending your past returns or you have > 5 years to prepare)
Basic ABN returns - From $99
Basic Partnership, Trust and Company returns - From $199


As noted it is our unique, national market leading, ability to get you EXTRA refunds from your past years returns that is the reason we are able to keep our fee for your original return so low. Even if we don't or this is your first return you still get the best priced return in Australia.


We prepare original tax returns better than anyone guaranteed and if you don't agree you don't pay. We also for FREE

1. FREE - Review all your past returns and reinterview you to see how much of an EXTRA refund we can get you. ONLY if we're successful getting you an extra refund do we get paid from that extra refund SO it never costs you a cent.

2. FREE - Teach you what steps to take to ensure you are eligible for all the deductions you could be entitled to given your specific circumstances - Car, Travel, Study, Overtime, Home costs, Donations - just to name the big ones

3. FREE advice - tax, new business, marketing, accounting, legals (basic) and if we don't know someone in our team will research build the necessary expertise and then advise you.

4. FREE - on call reminder of lessons and thus help you implement the theory in your real lives - e.g. When you're travelling, buying an investment property, setting up a home office, preparing a log book for your car.

In short we're there for you to help you maximise profits from your life. If there's anything more we can do, we'll do it if it's within our power to do so.

All quotes are for payment upfront and exclude GST. GST 10% will be added. You can also pay from refund, extra fee applies - standard

Extra Refund Service. Our other service and unique speciality is getting clients an extra refund from their past tax returns prepared by themselves or another tax agent. At no cost we'll review all your past returns and prepare amendments where you haven't claimed all you're entitled to in your original return. Only if we're successful in getting you an extra refund are you charged. Peace of mind or an extra refund.

Our team has over 100 years experience in accounting and tax work. We're a registered tax agent TAN 28774004 - D J Recruitment Pty Ltd T/a My Extra Refund.



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"Benjamin Charles was really helpful, he took the time with me on the phone to get all the details for my tax amendment and he suggested for me expenses that I didn't think of, to get the maximum out of my tax return, he is professional and I recommend him to anyone."
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"Benjamin was extremely helpful. He gave us free advice for our rental house in QLD. I look forward to much more communication and assistance from him. Thank you so much! :)"
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"Thank you for you kind words"

"A financial genius and great man. Thank you"
External Feedback from
"Cheers Dave. Very nice"

"Unbelievable. Between my husband and I we had 13 tax returns to have prepared from 2010 - 2016. We were missing payment summaries and totally lost. Benjamin Charles spent hours with us, sent us instructions and after tirelessly working with us, even when we were ready to give up on information we could find he found all the missing pieces of the puzzle that once solved would get us the best result. He will take on the ATO if they try to impose any fines or interest and have it remitted and insisted we stay in touch all year to give us timely advice to ensure we can claim the best refund in future. He gave us instructions re a dedicated bank account for tax expenses and how to electronically store receipts using our mobile phones. After years of fearing tax returns we now feel very confident going forward. Thank you so much Benjamin Charles and My Extra Refund"
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"It is absolutely my pleasure working with you, you did wonders last year, let’s hope it will be the same this year and every year. You’re the best. I'll see if I can get hubby to write something here too."
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"Benjamin was the only Tax Agent that cared to call and introduce himself, all the rest just emailed. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge and advice as I am new to Australia and had not gone through the process before. He even reduced my fees to prepay me to refer friends."
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"Ben goes that extra step to make things easy and I can't be happier with the results. Any time I have tax questions or I don't understand something he is available and willing... And he calls me Sir!"
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"Champion. They did my 2016 free by using the extra refund they generated from my past years from expenses they showed me I hadn't claimed. Last year I paid tax for my business and an accountant. This year I didn't pay tax or the accountant. Mind blowing!!!"
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"Took a while to have them return our messages, but Ben has made contact personally and offered an apology "
from Arana Hills, QLD posted a job for Financial Planning on 12 October 2016

"AWESOME!! we spent hours working over different scenarios to claim my car until Benjamin worked out the option that gave me the best return for both cars. Nothing seems too much trouble and he also pays me to refer friends and family which i would have done for free. Speechless. You MUST call this guy. Only then will you know the difference between the flock of Australian tax agents and this man - the SHEPHERD"
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"My Extra Refund exceeded my expectations.

Benjamin was very prompt and responsive from day one through to the end. He was very patient with me and not pushy at all. In fact, he gave me a TAX RETURN 101 class during our discussion. I really appreciate the level of detail and questions he asked me. He is a very genuine guy who is excellent at getting the MAXIMUM return for you. I highly recommend My Extra Refund and will be in touch with them next year. Thank you!!

Very satisfied customer - Thejani. "
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" Great result on my tax return was a very easy communication
also very fast respond to all my email and phone call..
thanks again Benjamin.
Great service recommend to everyone "
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PRO: This business has passed extra checks and has provided a copy of their public liability insurance.
POLICE CHECK: This business has passed the Australian National Police History Check.