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Brookfield, QLD
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Jake Bui Photography


An Australian native, Jake Bui is a Commercial Wedding photographer. Jake mainly concentrates his time on fashion and wedding photography both nationally and internationally.

Jake finds it a great privilege and a passion to be able to pick up a camera and make life's work from the images he produces. He finds great photography can only be created from a combination of hard work, determination, and a commitment to excellence. He started photography at the age of 10 with just a Ricoh Film camera.

f you.. are looking for a unique photojournalist commercial wedding photographer, one who hands you the memories of your wedding day, having

created something natural, real, extraordinary, and out of the bounds of the ordinary imagination..

if you.. have wished for simple timeless images that capture the essence of who you are in an authentic way..

if you.. are drawn to images with a dash of stylish flair, capturing the atmosphere and special moments in a beautiful and compelling way..

if you.. would like your day to flow naturally like a story, but don't want the special moments missed..

if we.. are the perfect match, I would love to meet with you to plan your day..



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