Find the cost of accountants in TAS

Average cost of accounting services in TAS's latest data revealed that there have been varying pricing changes for accounting services in Tas. Personal tax services, for instance, saw their prices dip this financial year. Business accounting services, on the other hand, now cost more. Meanwhile, bookkeepers have retained their rates from FY14.

Prices of different accounting services

Bookkeepers in Tas are still charging an average price of $40/hr. Their budget services also retained the same price from FY14, so you can still expect to pay $35/hr for this type of service. Premium bookkeeping rates, however, increased by 29%; they're now at $55/hr.

Meanwhile, business accounting services recorded a 22% price jump. The average cost of hiring business accountants in Tas rose from $45/hr to $55/hr — a $10 increase.

No worries, though, for those who are looking for personal tax accountants as the average price of their services dropped 56%. From $120/hr in FY14, their average rate is now at $52.50/hr.

Compare quotes from qualified accountants

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Published: November 06, 2015 01:28PM
Updated: August 2, 2017