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Why You Shouldn't DIY Asbestos Removal

Until now, asbestos hides in numerous homes and buildings in Australia. What should you do when you find asbestos in your house or place of work? Should you take matters into your own hands and remove it yourself? Is hiring asbestos removal services needed?

Asbestos was a popular building material that was widely used in a lot of structures that were built in the early 80s up to 1990 as it has impressive characteristics — it’s fire and water resistant and durable, and it provides good insulation. It’s affordable too.

However, its use was banned in 1986 and nationally banned in 2003 as it was discovered to be dangerous to people’s health. Once inhaled, the asbestos fibres in asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can cause serious illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Still, numerous structures were already built by the time the authorities officially prohibit the use of asbestos in the country. That’s why a lot of homes and buildings in Australia today still have ACMs.

To DIY or not?

To save time and money, many people today opt to carry out asbestos removal work themselves. Although it’s legal for untrained and inexperienced individuals to remove small amounts of asbestos, getting the expert help of asbestos removal contractors is still highly recommended.

Risks of removing asbestos yourself

There are many reasons people are advised to rely on the asbestos removal companies when they chance upon ACMs in their home. Removing asbestos products is not as easy and safe as many people think — it’s a complicated and risky process that requires extensive training and the use of proper equipment and safety gears.

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t DIY asbestos removal jobs, here are some of them.

  1. You might not use the right equipment.
    Asbestos removers have the right equipment for the job. Their gears are specially made for high-risk work such as asbestos removal, making them expensive and not that lightweight. If you choose to do the work yourself, chances are the price of buying the right safety equipment is beyond your budget and you’ll settle for less. This is dangerous as substandard gears do not offer the same protection.

  2. Accidents could happen.
    Picture this: You’re trying to remove a bonded ACM in your home but you didn’t know that it’s already badly weathered and fragile. Then you accidentally break it. Dangerous asbestos fibres are released into the air, and you inhale them. Does it creep you out? Well, it should. Accidents do happen, even when the experts are in charge. The only difference is they are prepared and they know how to handle them properly to ensure everyone’s safety.

  3. You might not be aware of the proper removal process.
    The reason asbestos removal and asbestos disposal jobs should be left in the hands of licensed professionals is to keep everyone safe — you and your family, the asbestos removal team, and all the people in your neighbourhood. Once in the air, asbestos fibres can easily transported and inhaled. They also cling to clothes. That’s why the work area needs to be tightly sealed, the ACM needs to be wet, and the people need to be in proper protective equipment when handling domestic asbestos removal and other asbestos removal jobs.

  4. You could sustain injuries.
    Asbestos sheets aren’t that lightweight. If you plan to do asbestos roof removal or asbestos wall panel removal work on your own, you might not be able to handle it without injuring yourself in the process. Asbestos sheets generally weigh around 35 to 50 kilograms. So if you don’t have the proper equipment and/or the right manpower, you could suffer from joint injury and/or muscle strain by taking the DIY route.

What to expect by hiring a licensed asbestos removal business

Because of those risks that were listed and more, the authorities are strictly regulating asbestos removal jobs. Don’t ever think that they are doing it because they want asbestos removal businesses to earn money — it all boils down to ensuring everyone’s safety.

Licensed businesses that provide asbestos inspection, testing, removal, disposal, and air monitoring services can guarantee thorough, safe, and efficient work that are worthwhile. You can count on them to completely rid your place of dangerous asbestos and keep you and your family safe at the same time. They have the necessary safety gears and equipment and the manpower for the job. Moreover, they are trained to solve problems that could arise while keeping everyone’s, including their own, safety and security.

How much does an asbestos removal service cost?

You can expect asbestos removal businesses to charge an average of $45 per hour for their services. However, you should not expect your job to cost the same. Businesses will base it on some factors such as the type of ACM that needs to be removed, the size of the job, and more.

If you want a quote, our asbestos removal businesses in Adelaide and other parts of SA can send you their estimates. Just post your job and a detailed description on the site. Rest assured, they’re reliable businesses. Here are some of the things their clients say about them.

"An excellent job - the contractor was prompt, courteous and efficient, and the price was very reasonable. I would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them to others." - Tim from Salisbury Downs, SA

"these guys are the best, they know what they are doing , no hassle , everything was done quickly and neat and professional Mark the Owner is on top of the job ,extremely friendly and punctual I would recommend them without hesitation." - Aj from Lockleys, SA

"This guy is seriously great at his job. It was a very tricky job in a restricted space, with a desire to have as little impact as possible. Quick, efficient, professional and friendly. I will definitely be getting Michael back for other jobs. Please support him, he deserves it." - Mark from Happy Valley, SA