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    Is there any asbestos dust in your premises? Asbestos is an alarming issue you’ll be faced with if you accidentally inhale it. It can cause cancer and other lung diseases. Asbestosis and... Read more

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Important Things To Know About Asbestos Removal

Are you currently living in a house that was built before the mid-80s or between the mid-80s to 1990? You might want to sign up for asbestos inspection and removal services to ensure your and your whole family’s health.

Asbestos had been in the limelight for several years as it possesses qualities that many people find interesting and beneficial. These include resistance to water and fire, insulation, and durability. In Australia, it was most commonly used in various building materials and products before and around the 80s.

However, it was later found to be detrimental to people’s health. Once suspended in the air and inhaled, asbestos fibres can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer and asbestosis. That’s why by the end of 2003, the Australian government completely banned the use of all types of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

By that time, though, many houses in Australia that have ACMs had already been erected. It’s the reason many people are advised to have their homes checked for asbestos and to enlist the help of domestic asbestos removal experts, especially if their place had been built before the mid-80s or between the mid-80s and 1990.

Types of ACMs

ACMs come in two forms: friable and bonded (non-friable). There are asbestos removal contractors who are licensed to remove only one kind or both. Read on to find out more about these two types.


Products that contain friable asbestos are generally loose. They can easily be crushed into smaller and finer material even with the slightest pressure when they’re dry. Dangerous asbestos fibres in friable ACMs can quickly be released into the air and be inhaled by people. That’s why it’s best to hire businesses that are licenced to perform friable asbestos removal jobs to deal with friable asbestos products.

Friable ACMs were widely used for insulation, fireproofing, and soundproofing of commercial, industrial, and some residential properties. Some examples of friable asbestos products and materials are:

  • lagging
  • sprayed insulation, and
  • boiler insulation


Bonded ACMs are made up of a combination of asbestos (no greater than 15%) and a bonding compound. Unlike friable asbestos products, bonded asbestos products are solid and do not easily crumble. The asbestos fibres in these materials are tightly put together. If the bonded ACM is in good condition, the asbestos fibres it contains cannot simply be released into the air.

If you come in contact with this type of ACM, don’t worry too much. As long as you carry out important safety precautions and as long as the bonded asbestos product is in good shape, you’ll be all right. Not sure if the material you’re thinking of removing contains asbestos? You can always let a licensed business carry out asbestos testing. Also, although handling bonded ACMs is not as risky as dealing with friable ACMs, you should still hire fully qualified and licensed asbestos removers to do the job for you.

Here are some examples of bonded asbestos products that might be in your home:

  • vinyl floor tiles
  • asbestos cement sheets/fibro (usually used in walls and ceilings)
  • asbestos roofing

You should also take note that bonded ACMs can become friable due to damage and/or deterioration. So if you’re planning to remove a weathered bonded asbestos product, better leave it in the hands of asbestos removal companies.

Asbestos removal services

Asbestos removal work is strictly regulated in all Australian states and territories. Although homeowners can legally remove small amounts of bonded asbestos products, everyone is still strongly advised to seek professional help when it comes to disturbing any type of ACM, especially if it’s for a large-scale project such as demolition or renovation.

WorkSafe issues two types of licences for asbestos removalists: Class A and Class B. Class A licence holders are authorised to remove friable asbestos while Class B licence holders are permitted to remove only bonded asbestos. All asbestos removal licence-holders must comply with various requirements; holders of Class A licence should implement a certain procedure to control the risk and ensure safety.

Always remember that WorkSafe should be notified before starting any asbestos removal work.

Some businesses that are qualified to carry out asbestos removal offer other services as well. These include proper asbestos disposal and asbestos air monitoring. So don’t hesitate to talk to them if you also need help with other asbestos-related jobs.

Cost of asbestos removal services

You can expect asbestos removal businesses to charge an average of $45 per hour for their professional services. Rest assured that you will get real value for your money and that safety will be prioritised and guaranteed.

If you want to receive more accurate cost estimates for your asbestos removal job, you can post the job details on We have many asbestos removal businesses that are available to help you out. They can send you a maximum of 12 quotes.

Check out what some of their previous customers say about them and their services:

"I needed a small amount of asbestos removed in a timely manner from an investment property that was being renovated. Paulo was the first to quote and was extremely responsive to all my queries. His quote was also one of the most competitive. The job was done on time, efficiently and as quoted. Photos were supplied of the job on completion and before I made payment. Extremely happy with his service and would not hesitate in using him in the future for asbestos related jobs." - Lachlan from Canterbury, VIC

"They did a really good job. Charged me exactly what they quoted me with, and they did exactly what they told me they'd do. Would definitely recommend them to other customers." - Peter from Mount Eliza, VIC

"We were extremely impressed with Matthew, whose quote was very reasonable. He was punctual and very courteous. He appraised the asbestos removal job and discussed it with us thoroughly before proceeding to remove it with care and safety to himself and the environment. We highly recommend his services." - Lee from Heidelberg Heights, VIC