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  • David Lynch Electrical

    Looking for local electricians? David Lynch Electrical can help you. They have 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, so you can definitely expect excellent workmanship and timely services.

    63 Reviews
  • d.c. RAMS electrical

    Looking for local electricians who can help you with ceiling fan installation jobs? d.c. RAMS electrical is one of the top electrical companies in Brisbane; they make sure that their customer's needs are met.

    59 Reviews
  • Kuipers Electrical

    Kuipers Electrical has highly skilled local electricians who can assure you of excellent work. Their services cover various aspects of data and telephone cabling work. They can perform ceiling fan installations too.

    55 Reviews
  • BF-E

    Barry Ferguson - Electrical Contractor

    Are electricians required for your job? Barry Ferguson handles all domestic, commercial, and industrial electrical tasks. He offers lighting, fibre optic cabling, and emergency electrical services.

    46 Reviews
  • Kamppi Electrical

    If you are looking for an experienced electrician, Kamppi Electrical is ready to help you out. Daniel is qualified to handle a range of electrical services. His expertise includes lighting design and installation.

    34 Reviews
  • Force Electrical

    Force Electrical makes sure that every job is done properly and the quality of their work meets your requirements. They have professional electricians who complete their tasks on time and to a high standard.

    34 Reviews
  • BSE

    Bright Star Electrical

    The local electricians from Bright Star Electrical have been providing quality workmanship to commercial and domestic sectors for the last quarter of a century. They are efficient, prompt, and honest workers.

    29 Reviews
  • Funkelectrical Pty Ltd

    If you need professional electricians for your job, Scott Funkelectrical can provide you with an experienced sparkie. They handle various tasks including fluorescent lighting and power point installation.

    31 Reviews
  • Burkett Electrical

    Looking for an electrician? Burkett Electrical offers installation, electrical wiring, lighting, TV & data cabling, repair, maintenance, and upgrade services. They also accept full electrical testing and tagging jobs.

    25 Reviews
  • DJElectro is made up of fully qualified local electricians who can guarantee professional services. Their team can handle fibre optic cabling, duct installation, and air conditioning repair.

    26 Reviews
  • Expert Electrical

    Expert Electrical can provide you with a high-quality electrician service. Their team consists of local electricians who are very easy to deal with. They can help you with your solar and AC system needs.

    25 Reviews

Safety First: Hire a Professional Electrician

Electrical fixtures and appliances make our everyday lives run smoothly. From the moment you wake up and even after you fall asleep, electrical appliances like lamps and air conditioning units help make life more comfortable and easier. This is why when any of these electrical devices fail, it can really affect your normal routine.

Common electrical problems:

  • Flickering lights - This is often caused by a loose or defective light bulb. If tightening or changing the light bulb does not fix the issue, have it checked by an electrician.
  • Power points that do not work - It could be a wiring problem. Nothing that a qualified electrician cannot fix.
  • Electrical appliances breaking down - When something doesn’t work, it doesn’t always mean that you have to replace it with a new one. An electrician can take a look to see if it’s something that can still be fixed.
  • Electrical shocks - If you feel a mild shock when touching an appliance, a ground fault or perhaps improper electrical wiring may be the issue.
  • Overheating of electrical fixtures and appliances - While all gadgets and appliances when used for too long has the tendency to heat up, it’s not supposed to overheat especially if you haven’t been using it for too long.
  • Burning odour or sparks - You are not supposed to see any type of spark or smell any burnt odour when you turn on or plug in your appliances. When any of these happen, immediately unplug the appliance and inform other members of the household not to use it until it has been checked by a qualified electrician.

When it comes to electrical installation, maintenance, and repairs, it’s important to only let a professional handle these kinds of tasks.

Safety - This alone is reason enough to hire a licensed electrician for all electrical-related jobs. An electrician has the knowledge, training, and experience required to handle electrical work. Asking an amateur to do the rewiring of your house is just asking for trouble. Aside from making sure that you, your family, and your property are safe, you also need to make sure that the person you hire is safe. When you hire an amateur electrician and they get hurt on the job, you can be held liable for that since anyone working within your property premises is your responsibility.

Professional work - It’s more economical down the road to hire the right person or tradie for the job even if it costs more if it means that the job gets done right the first time. When a job is done by an amateur, they can just be offering a band-aid solution to the problem. A professional electrician on the other hand will get right down to the root of the problem and correct whatever is wrong. Some qualified electricians even offer a guarantee on the work that they do. This gives you peace of mind knowing that what they did is not just a short-term fix.

What does an electrician do

Electricians handle different tasks. Here are some of the common services that they offer:

  • Install and maintain electrical wiring
  • Inspect electrical components and do troubleshooting
  • Data cabling
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Wall TV mounting
  • Rewiring
  • Emergency electrical services
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Fault finding
  • Test and tag services

Cost of hiring an electrician

Just like with any other type of service, prices depends on a variety of factors such as scope and type of the job. For emergency electrical repairs in the middle of the night, you can expect to be charged more for their service. Where you are located can also be a factor since there are states and territories that offer a lower rates for electrical services.

Their qualifications, years of experience, and skill level can also greatly affect electrician quotes. To save money on electrical jobs, you can choose a fairly new but licenced electrician for simple electrical jobs such as installing light fixtures. However, make sure to hire a more experienced electrician for more complex jobs such as rewiring an old house.

If you are looking for a qualified electrician, then you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is post the details of your electrical repair job and wait for electrical contractors to send you their quotes.

Here are some feedback from customers who have hired electricians through

"Ray and his team did all the electrical work during my 60-year-old house renovation. Ray organized his work well to fit the overall schedule and never hold up anyone. He used top brand products and the labor work was just fantastic. What made Ray special was that he took the best of our interest to meet our budget when we had to rewire our powerpoints with burnt wires. Ray was also happy to do extra little work out of quote free of charge. And Ray even took time to come back to do little amendment after the full payment during busy Chirstmas season while lots of tradesmen never show up when they say 'shortly'. The overall price was pretty competitive and someone even quoted me the same price for half of the work. Reliable Aussie pals, highly recommend!" - Bill

"Fantastic Service. John went above and beyond with his work. There were a few hiccups with the electrical in the house I brought but John was happy to take the time and fix it all without an issue. Great service and great price. I will definitely be getting John out again while the reno's continue. thanks again." - Lisa from Victoria Point, QLD

"David was so friendly, reliable and easy to communicate with and work with. He was really patient with all our changes and was also very well priced. He did a great job and would recommend him and will use him again for future Electrical work." - Camilla from Corinda, QLD

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