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  • Nelu is a professional tradesman who delivers quality home renovation and home handiwork services. He can assure you of a professional finish. His other services include property maintenance and flat pack assembly.

    27 Reviews
    Wembley Downs,WA
  • WA Gutter Shield

    WA Gutter Shield specialises in the installation and repair of gutter guard systems. They also take on handyman jobs, which include flat pack assembly, TV mounting, ceiling fan installation, and grease trap cleaning.

    21 Reviews
  • MC

    Master Carpentry

    Master Carpentry offers local handyman services that include furniture assembly and kitchen renovations. With over 15 years of experience, their team guarantees excellent service and customer satisfaction.

    17 Reviews
  • Phoenix Digital &Communications

    Although Phoenix Digital & Communications specialises in antenna installation, their team can also provide handyman services. They are efficient and knowledgeable, so you can rely on them to produce quality work.

    11 Reviews
  • DALM

    David Arundel Lawn mowing, Landscaping and Home Repairs

    David Arundel Lawn Mowing, Landscaping and Home Repairs has been operating for over 12 years. Its owner, David, handles various handyman repairs and landscaping projects such as fencing and garden cleanups.

    10 Reviews
  • MPAG

    Marchant Plumbing and Gas

    Marchant Plumbing and Gas has a team of qualified plumbers who can take care of all kinds of gas fitting and piping, hot water systems, and bathroom renovation jobs. They also provide local handyman services.

    9 Reviews
  • PE


    Permascapes can handle a range of services including garden maintenance, landscaping, and hail repairs. If you need an efficient handyman service, they are a good company to consider for your job.

    7 Reviews
  • David Scheer

    If you need a ceiling installation or roof repair service, David Scheer can definitely help you. He is a local handyman you can discuss your project with. He offers gutter repair, furniture assembly, and more.

    7 Reviews
  • EHS

    Edmund Handyman Service

    Edmund Handyman Service can guarantee timely completion of your carpentry and furniture assembly jobs. They are trustworthy and efficient, so you can rely on them to provide top-quality services.

    6 Reviews

Hiring a Handyman

Do you have a creaking floorboard or a yard that needs some mowing? Or perhaps, you have some home improvement projects lined up such as putting up blinds or painting your walls a different colour. While it’s true that you can hire different tradies to handle each job, it can be very time-consuming to schedule each one of them to come to your house, not to mention the fact that it will cost you more compared to just hiring one person who can handle many different jobs in one visit.

For simple tasks such as small painting jobs or if you just need someone to install your home theatre system for you, the best thing to do is to hire a handyman specialist who can do all those little things for you.

Handymen are oftentimes referred to as a jack-of-all-trades. They have many skills and can handle all kinds of jobs such as assembling flat pack furniture, securely hanging mirrors and flat screen TVs on walls, cleaning the pool, and fixing jammed door knobs.

Benefits of hiring a professional handyman


You save a lot of time by hiring just one experienced handyman to do multiple jobs around the house. Since a handyman is knowledgeable in many different areas, you save time by not having to search for different tradies to handle each job. No need to compare so many quotes, no need to call them one by one to discuss each job, and no need to set up a schedule with two or more tradies. With a handyman, you only need to talk to one person. Usually, if you can clear out an afternoon and have a handyman service come to your house, they can do so many things in just one visit. You can have them paint your porch, replace a burnt bulb, and clean up your yard.


Hiring a handyman is also more economical than hiring different contractors for each job. To keep their overhead costs, most tradies such as electricians and plumbers charge customers a call out fee or a minimum fee equivalent to one hour even if the job takes only a few minutes to finish. If you’re looking to save money, you can hire a licensed handyman and have him take care of all those repairs in a couple of hours. Handymen typically charge customers per hour and after finishing one job, they will move on to the next job at hand so you get a lot of things done and really get your money’s worth.

Tips when hiring a local handyman service

If this is going to be your first time to hire a handyman service, these simple tips can help make sure that you hire the right person for the job. These simple reminders can still benefit customers who have hired handymen in the past.

  1. List down the jobs - To get your money’s worth and to make sure you don’t forget anything, make a list of all the things that need to get done. Local handymen will also appreciate a list since they can work more seamlessly when they know exactly what needs to be done as soon as they arrive.

  2. Compare quotes - So many people are now offering home handyman services and it can be quite overwhelming. is a great way to start your search. Just let us know the details of the job and wait for local handymen to send you their quotes. Handymen jobs normally get at least five quotes. You can then start comparing and call the ones that offered the most reasonable rates.

  3. Reviews - Of course, price should not be the only thing that you should consider when hiring any tradie. The quality of their work and how they deal with customers also play an important role. There is no point in hiring the cheapest handyman if they have a reputation for being late or cancelling at the last minute. ServiceSeeking is an interactive website that allows customers to post their feedback and let other customers know how the job went.

Cost of hiring a handyman

Based on the recent report gathered by, handyman service rates are between $45 to $50 per hour. However, these figures may still vary depending on the the handyman’s level of expertise and whether you’re hiring a company or a self-employed handyman. In general, the more skilled and experienced they are, the higher their rates would be. However, that’s not to say that you should never hire young handymen who are just starting out. As long as they are licensed and insured, you should be able to trust them with your home repair jobs.

Here are some feedback from customers who hired a handyman through

"Excellent service by Ronnie. Ronnie handled everything in a professional manner. I did not have to go onsite to check anything. Job was done in the time frame requested. A big Thank You to Ronnie - I highly recommend everyone to deal with Ronnie, he completed the job and really does a great finish. If I have any other work Ronnie will be my first choice. Thank You" - Audrey from Thornlands, QLD

"Jerome was quick to respond to our businesses needs and completed all work required to an excellent standard in a very quick timeframe. He was able to go above and beyond and fix some other issues for us that had not even been highlighted. We will be using Jerome for all work in the future." - Mick from Braddon, ACT

"Took me a while to find someone but glad i found sam. Very reasonable price and very professional service. Sam even came back and fixed an outdoor gate for me free of charge. Definitely will be using again and definitely recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy friendly handyman at reasonable prices." - Hoj from Wahroonga, NSW

"Ben was easy to deal with, competitively priced and did an excellent job, all within a couple days. Will use again, thanks Ben!" - Jason from Florey, ACT

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