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Top Melbourne Lawnmowing Services

  • JHAC

    Jerry's Handyman and Cleaning Service

    Jerry's Handyman and Cleaning Service is a one-stop shop for residential and commercial property maintenance needs. They take on home handiwork, lawn mowing, garden maintenance, and other big and small jobs.

    43 Reviews
    Hoppers Crossing,VIC
  • PG

    Philmats Gardening

    If your lawn needs a trim, you can call on Philmats Gardening to spruce your greens. They offer top-notch hedging, trimming, and lawn mowing service, and they make sure that your garden looks just the way you like it.

    35 Reviews
    Narre Warren South,VIC
  • Edges to Hedges specialises in beautifying gardens using screen and ornamental hedges. They can also take on other garden tasks like lawn mowing, fertilising, pest advice, and soil amendment.

    30 Reviews
    Blackburn South,VIC
  • Tired of looking at your lifeless yard? Fox Mowing & Gardening can transform any boring patch of land into an awesome sight. They offer rubbish removal, small tree removal, gutter cleaning, and lawn mowing services.

    24 Reviews
  • Sonny & Alex's Garden Maintenance Service

    If you want your garden to always look its best, you can count on Sonny & Alex's Garden Maintenance Service to do a great job. They offer quick services and reasonable lawn mowing prices.

    24 Reviews
  • Chad Does Chores offers complete gardening services for hire. Chad is a professional horticulturist, so he can definitely take good care of your garden and ensure that your plants and flowers are healthy.

    29 Reviews
  • Gabriel's Lawnmowing can transform your plain garden into a stylish and idyllic one. They provide garden cleanups, lawn mowing services, trees and hedges trimming, and even rubbish removal.

    23 Reviews
  • Bee Inspired Gardens

    Do you need a business that offers lawn mowing and gardening services? Bee Inspired Gardens can take on any yard maintenance job. Lena is an expert at pruning, hedge trimming, weeding, mowing, and mini makeovers.

    20 Reviews
  • The Man With the Lawn Mower

    Does your yard need lawn mowing service? The Man With The Lawn Mower has been helping clients take care of their gardens for five years. They're committed to producing high-quality results every time.

    42 Reviews
    Port Melbourne,VIC
  • Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions pty ltd

    Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions offers first-rate lawn mowing and gardening services. They take on domestic cleaning, rubbish removal, carpet steam cleaning, and all the other tasks that you have no time for.

    33 Reviews

Things You Need to Know about Lawn Mowing Services

A well-manicured lawn has a huge impact to the overall look of your home. It enhances kerb appeal a thousandfold, so it’s no wonder that many homeowners make an effort to ensure that the grasses are perfectly trimmed. You’ve got to admit it as well — you don’t want your neighbours to think that you have a wild forest in your yard, do you?

However, lawn mowing isn’t as easy as pie. It requires time and energy, which you probably would want to save for other important tasks or for spending time with your family and friends. You might want to try something new, perhaps a hobby or a sport. You might want to go out for awhile and enjoy outdoor sceneries.

This is certainly understandable; don’t feel guilty if you want to just get up and abandon your gardening responsibilities! Well, of course, there are people who find it therapeutic and relaxing to mow their lawns. But if you’re not that type of person, why not hire lawn mowing contractors instead?

Yes, you’ll have to set aside a budget for it, but look at the advantages of having more time in your hands. Think of the things that you could be doing to have more fun in your life!

Here are other reasons why you should engage professional lawn mowing services.

  • Lawn mowing experts are skilled and efficient. No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to match the skills and experience of a professional. For several years, they have trained, perfected their techniques, and developed their efficiency. They know how to handle various tools and equipment to finish the job in a shorter span of time. Imagine having your own lawn mower and attempting to do the task yourself: You would still have to learn how to operate it and get used to it. That might take a long time, and that’s very inefficient.

  • Lawn mowing contractors can do more than just cut grass. Apart from lawn mowing, many businesses also offer other gardening services for hire. Getting them on board would be ideal as you could simply ask them to take care of other garden tasks as well. Typically, lawn mowing and gardening services also cover weed control, pruning, planting, and many more. It would be so convenient to call on one team to carry out all the tasks that you need done in your garden.

  • Lawn mowing businesses can give bang for your buck. Lawn mowing specialists know how to give value for your money. They will work hard to ensure that their clients are getting excellent customer service and that their needs are fully satisfied.

Questions you should ask when hiring lawn mowing services

You might be surprised to know that there heaps of qualified businesses who are ready to deliver the finest lawn mowing service for you. For instance, when you post your job on, you can receive as many as 12 lawn mowing quotes.

This means that you need to sift through your options to ensure that you end up with the best business from the bunch. Here are questions that can guide you when choosing a lawn mowing expert.

  • What services do they offer?

If you mainly need lawn mowing, make sure that a particular business is specialising in that service. However, it would also be handy to know other services that they provide. This gives you a chance to ask the business if they can customise their services so that your garden gets personalised care. If you plan on engaging their service on a regular basis, make sure that you’re able to agree on whether they would come in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

  • Do they use eco-friendly products?

Organic products for lawn mowing and gardening are abundant in the market, so it shouldn’t be so hard to find a business that uses eco-friendly garden care products. But to be sure, you need to ask the contractor about this from the get go.

  • Do they have the qualifications as well as work references?

It’s important to know if you’re hiring an experienced lawn mowing specialist. It would be very inconvenient to hire someone whose knowledge and skills in mowing lawns is as nil as yours. By checking a business’ Service Seeking profile, you can have access to their portfolio (pictures will easily show you the quality of their work) and customer feedback.

Here are some reviews by previous clients of Melbourne’s top lawn mowing businesses.

”Owen did an amazing job on our garden. It has made the house look brand new again. He was quick and lovely. I would recommend to anyone. So much so that Owen will look after us ongoing. Great job” - Clare from Hoppers Crossing, Vic on Jerry’s Handyman and Cleaning Service

”Matt was quick to respond and did a fantastic job with the lawns. I would highly recommend him. Not only is he very reasonable with his prices, his prompt communication, polite and friendly demeanour and swiftness in executing the job are very noteworthy.” - Ramesh from Narre Warren, Vic on Philmats Gardening

”I found Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions pty ltd through this website and contacted Jacki on her mobile, her husband wayne came out to Beaconsfield the next day. The garden was a mess and within a couple of hours wayne and one of his workers had it looking brand new. They are awesome and would recommend them to anyone. great rates too. Regards happy home owner from beaconsfield.” - Nicole from Beaconsfield, Vic on Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions

Cost of lawn mowing services

Lawn mowing prices vary depending on different factors, so it’s best to include as many details as you can when posting your job on the site. This will help businesses come up with a more or less accurate quote.

Typically, the cost of lawn mowing services start from $30/hr. When you receive a quote, don’t hesitate to ask about the inclusions in the price estimate. Also, don’t forget to clarify with the business if they’re going to provide cleaning products. Otherwise, you’ll have to prepare a separate budget for those.

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