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  • KSP

    Kevin Slattery Plumbing

    Kevin is a plumber who used to work as a plumbing inspector for the Brisbane City Council, so he's definitely qualified to deal with your plumbing issues. Kevin Slattery Plumbing services the Brisbane metro area.

    39 Reviews
  • CRPA

    Connect Right Plumbing and Gas

    Can't find a reliable plumber? You might want to try Connect Right Plumbing and Gas. They have over 10 years of experience, and their staff promises great customer service and quality work at competitive rates.

    29 Reviews
    Shailer Park,QLD
  • Leja Plumbing & Gas

    Need to find a plumber for your broken toilet? Leja Plumbing & Gas specialises in toilet repairs and works on different plumbing components such as drains, pipes, and filters. They ensure cost-effective solutions too.

    27 Reviews
    Boronia Heights,QLD
  • Yep Plumbing Services

    Stressing over a leaking tap? Yep Plumbing Services can solve your problem. Andrew is a dependable, trustworthy, and prompt plumber who can deal with various plumbing issues. He'll be happy to quote on your job.

    25 Reviews
  • Commplumb

    If you're looking to hire local plumbers, you might want to consider Commplumb for the job. Although they mostly cater to commercial clients, you can also hire them to handle your gas cooking appliances at home.

    21 Reviews
  • OFP

    One Fix Plumbing

    One Fix Plumbing ensures excellence in everything they offer. They are experienced at working on hot water systems, drains, taps, and toilets. You surely won't get low-quality work from their handy plumber.

    22 Reviews
  • Best Price Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting

    Looking for a registered plumber? Best Price Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting's crew is experienced, qualified, and licensed. They can help you in all aspects of plumbing and give accurate quotes as well.

    18 Reviews
  • Howzat Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting

    Need a recommended plumber? Howzat Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting provides prompt and reliable services in Brisbane. They are fully licensed and insured. Rest assured, they are qualified to handle your plumbing.

    22 Reviews
    Everton Park,QLD
  • PT

    Plumbing Technician

    In need of a gas plumber? Plumbing Technician specialises in plumbing and gas fitting. Darren has over 15 years of experience, and he holds a trade contractor licence and insurance. Hiring him guarantees quality work.

    17 Reviews
  • Star Plumbing Solutions

    Did your toilet break down in the middle of the night? Aussie Plumbers provides a 24 hour plumber for emergencies like this. Their tradie comes on time to ensure that the work will be done as soon as possible.

    10 Reviews
    Victoria Point,QLD

Tips on hiring professional plumbers

Plumbing is vital to our lives; it allows us to do simple necessities like washing dishes and taking a bath. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, you definitely need a good plumbing system in order to do all these in the most convenient manner.

However, like all things that are used everyday or frequently, your plumbing might eventually show signs of wear or any form of damage. No matter how sturdy the materials are, it’s impossible for plumbing fixtures to always remain in the best condition. Give it some years and you’ll see that parts of your plumbing system are already worn out.

Common plumbing problems

A seasoned plumber is likely to have seen tons of plumbing issues, but there are some problems that come up more frequently than the others. These may also be the usual reasons why you need to get a plumber once in a while.

Check out this list and know more about the most common plumbing issues in homes.

  • Dripping faucets
    You have probably heard that annoying “drip-drip” sound in your sink when it’s quiet as the grave in your home — and you have probably ignored this every single time. But once your water bill suddenly goes up, don’t get shocked; that’s probably due to your dripping faucet. Find a plumber now before it’s too late!

  • Leaky pipes
    When you notice small puddles or wet spots on the ground or on your ceiling, don’t worry; it’s not a very difficult mystery to solve. Oftentimes, they are just leaking pipes. Hire a plumber to do some repairs as soon as possible. Leaky pipes may result in water damage to your lovely home, and fixing this kind of property damage will certainly cost you a fortune.

  • Clogged drains
    There are many things that could cause clogged drains. It could be greasy or fatty substances that have built up over time or foreign objects that have been accidentally dropped down the drains. You may have seen over-the-counter drain cleaners, and they may look promising. However, it would still be best to have a plumber fix this for you.

  • Running toilets
    It’s easy to know when you have a running toilet. Just keep your ears open for something that sounds like water filling up the toilet tank; you can hear this whether the toilet is in use or not. Go get your plumber when this recurs as running toilets leads to gallons of wasted water per day.

Types of tasks done by plumbers

Professional plumbers can do a wide range of jobs. Some of them simply offer general plumber services for hire. Here are some of the jobs that they carry out:

  • Repairs
  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Home renovation plumbing
  • Hot water system installation and repairs
  • Guttering

Meanwhile, other plumbers have certain specialisations. Their areas of expertise may cover any of the following:

  • Drainage (sewer systems, stormwater pipes, septic tanks)
  • Gas fitting (hot water systems, gas appliances)
  • Roofing (gutters, downpipes, flashings)
  • Irrigation (watering systems for gardens, farms, parks, etc.)

Things to check when hiring plumbers

If you need experts to handle any of the tasks mentioned above, your best bet is to hire local plumbers. There are many qualified plumbers in Brisbane, but you should take note of a few things before officially enlisting their help. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can increase your chances of finding a dependable and competent business.

Have a look at this checklist when hiring plumbers:

  1. Find out if they are licensed.
    Nothing can give you more peace of mind than hiring a licensed or registered plumber. In Qld, there are two types of licences that are issued to plumbers: trade contractor and nominee supervisor. A trade contractor licence typically denotes a full licence class, while a nominee supervisor is an employee of a company. You can easily check a plumber’s credentials by asking for their photo ID card, which consists of their licence grade and validity.

  2. Ensure that they are insured.
    Even though you’re dealing with licensed plumbers who have several years of experience, accidents while work is being done could still happen. However, if a business is insured, you can rest assured knowing that your property will be covered in case of unfortunate incidents.

  3. Check out their services and work experience.
    Research the businesses you’re considering for the job and take a look at their portfolio. This allows you to learn more about them, determine if they can provide the services that you need, and see the quality of work that they can deliver. If you’re looking for a 24-hour emergency plumber, make sure that they service your area anytime.

  4. Read reviews from their previous customers.
    If you want to know how they deal with their clients, you should take time to read feedback from past customers. These reviews will show you if you’re hiring a responsible and reliable tradie. Check out these reviews on some of the top plumbing businesses in Brisbane:

”Quality job done and on time - was kind enough to paint down pipes as well for no extra cost. Highly recommended.” - Kylie from Eatons Hill, Qld on Kevin Slattery Plumbing

”We recently used Matthew for some residential bathroom plumbing work and cannot recommend him highly enough! Not only was he extremely reliable with appointments, he provided a far better value quote than other plumbers and delivered the work with the highest quality. The work had to be scheduled over several days due to a few unforeseen issues but Matthew didn’t lose interest in the job and made sure he saw the project through. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a reliable and great value local plumber!” - Ben from Hawthorne, Qld on Connect Right Plumbing and Gas

”David was quick, honest, helpful and charges reasonably. I've had enough of plumbers who waste time and exaggerate the problem so they can charge more. I'm going to use him again for future plumbing jobs.” - Anthony from Eight Mile Plains, Qld on Leja Plumbing & Gas

Cost of professional plumbing services

In Brisbane, plumbers’ rates often start at $50/hr. This may still change depending on some factors like the size and difficulty of the job. If your plumber discovered other issues, this may increase the cost as well.

It would be great if you could provide specific details about your job. This enables businesses to quote accurately. And once you get estimated prices from them, make sure to ask what their quotes include. Are materials or replacement parts covered in those projected costs?

At, you can get around five quotes from different businesses. This assures you that you’ll have enough options.

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