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  • Kovele Plumbing Pty Ltd

    With over 30 years of industry experience, Kovele Plumbing can surely keep your pipes working. If you need a 24 hour plumber, they can provide you with a licensed, skilled expert. They always ensure quality work on time.

    100 Reviews
  • Konstant Maintenance Plumbing & Drainage Service

    Looking for a plumber? Konstant Maintenance Plumbing & Drainage Service handles all aspects of plumbing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also offer hot water system and rain water tank installation services.

    78 Reviews
  • DP

    DJH Plumbing

    DJH Plumbing is one of the most trusted names in the industry because of their reliable and hardworkingf team. They have local plumbers who can assure you that all your plumbing needs are taken into account.

    40 Reviews
  • Premier Quality Plumbing

    Premier Quality Plumbing covers a range of services, from unclogging blocked drains to renovating bathrooms. Their local plumbers are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency work.

    44 Reviews
    Chelsea Heights,VIC
  • Pinnacle Property Improvements

    If you are looking for a plumber, Pinnacle Property Improvements can handle general plumbing repairs. Their other services include kitchen renovations and home handiwork. Their members take pride in their work.

    41 Reviews
  • All Star Plumbing & Gasfitting

    All Star Plumbing & Gasfitting can guarantee excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction. If you're looking for reputable local plumbers, you might want to consider engaging their services.

    35 Reviews
  • FCP

    Fred Carolan Plumber

    Do you need to find a plumber? Fred Carolan can do the work for you. His customers often praise him for the fantastic work that he delivers. With his trade experience, he guarantees efficiency and timeliness.

    23 Reviews
  • Moshe Belleli Plumbing

    Need a sewer plumber? You might want to try Moshe Belleli Plumbing. Moshe, the owner, is one of the most dependable local plumbers in the industry; he has 14 years of experience in sewer blockages, gas units, and more.

    26 Reviews
  • Up To Date Handy Man Hire

    Up to Date Handyman Hire is a local business that provides property maintenance services. Their local plumbers are prompt and experienced, and they are always ready to assist you with your needs.

    22 Reviews
    Hampton Park,VIC
  • Domenic Pecora Plumbing

    Domenic Pecora Plumbing is made up of a father-and-son tandem. They have extensive experience in hot water systems, gas fitting, sewerage, and storm water drainage. They're very reliable when it comes to plumber jobs.

    21 Reviews

Things to remember when hiring professional plumbers

Good and reliable plumbing is essential in any type of property. Whether it’s the sink, the toilet, or the shower, you can expect it to be used frequently. And you know how it is when something is used so often in a day — it gets prone to wear after a while.

While it can be easy to give your sink or faucet a quick and temporary fix, this doesn’t really solve your plumbing issue. In some cases, it might even worsen the problem. It would be best to find a plumber on the outset. It’s a more practical choice, and here’s why:

  1. Plumbers are trained experts. Unlike you, they have undergone training, which has enabled them to master the trade. They have sufficient knowledge about a variety of plumbing systems, so rest assured that they can diagnose issues correctly. They can provide you with a detailed diagnostic report as well. They’ll help you understand what went wrong so that you can also make your decision on how to deal with it.

  2. Plumbers can provide the right fix. Because of their deep understanding on how plumbing systems work, it can be easy for them to spot the cause of the problem and provide an effective and permanent solution. This is very important as the quality of repair will help determine the performance of your plumbing system afterwards.

  3. Plumbers are adequately equipped. You may have simple tools in your kit, but sometimes these aren’t enough to get the job done. Apart from skills, an expert plumber also has the equipment to perform the necessary repairs. This makes the task easier and ensures a professional finish.

  4. Plumbers can help you in an emergency situation. Having plumbing issues in the middle of the night — perhaps a burst pipe? No worries. You can definitely find a 24-hour plumber servicing your area. They’ll come prepared for the job and make sure to deliver quality plumber repairs, day or night.

What can professional plumbers do?

Plumbers do a wide array of jobs, and they have different areas of expertise. Some of their specialisations are:

  • Drainage - A drain plumber works on drains, sewer systems, stormwater pipes, and septic tanks.
  • Gas fitting - A gasfitter performs tasks related to a variety of gas appliances, gas lines, regulators, metres, and hot water systems.
  • Roofing - A roof plumber does installations and repairs on downpipes, gutters, flashings, metal roofs, and other roofing components.
  • Irrigation- An irrigation specialist deals with different types of watering systems for farms, gardens, yards, parks, etc.

Nevertheless, while some plumbers opt to specialise in a specific field, there are those who provide a wide array of plumber services for hire. Here are some of the general plumbing jobs that they undertake:

✓ Installations
✓ Repairs
✓ Maintenance
✓ Home renovation plumbing
✓ Emergency plumbing
✓ Site preparation
✓ Testing installed systems
✓ Studying and inspecting layouts of plumbing systems

Things to consider when hiring plumbers

Melbourne’s plumbing industry is thriving, and there are many businesses out there ready to help you with your needs. However, you should be thorough when selecting a plumber for your job. There are a few considerations that you need to take into account, and these will certainly help you get a plumber who’s reliable and highly competent.

Check out these tips on hiring plumbers:

Check their licences.

All types of plumbing work in Melbourne must be done by licensed professionals. By asking for the plumbers’ photo ID cards, you can easily check the validity of their licences as well as the type of work that they are qualified to do.

There are three main categories of plumbing work in Melbourne:

  1. Main
  2. Restricted
  3. Specialised

Furthermore, Vic has eight classes of licences:

  1. Water supply
  2. Gas fitting
  3. Sanitary roofing (stormwater)
  4. Drainage
  5. Mechanical services
  6. Fire protection
  7. Irrigation (non-agricultural)

Keep in mind that your plumber must be registered. The Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) is the regulatory board in the state.

Find out about their work experience.

Experience is also a major factor in deciding which business to hire. Apart from assuring you that they have the skills and knowledge to perform the task at hand, it also gives you peace of mind knowing that they can solve your plumbing issue. If they have extensive experience in the trade, they are likely to have encountered a ton of bizarre circumstances in various plumbing systems.

Make sure that they’re insured.

Plumbing involves some serious work, and sometimes even though you have a competent team to work on your property, accidents still happen. Check if the businesses are insured and make sure that your property is fully protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Read customer feedback.

Apart from ensuring that you have a registered plumber, you should also try to find out if they’re personable as well. Being skilled is one thing, and being responsible and dependable is another. You can go through reviews about the businesses so that you’ll have an idea on how they deal with their clients.

Here are reviews on some of the top plumbing businesses in Melbourne:

”I did complete a review previously. Steve was very good and will use him again for any roof plumbing jobs.” - John from Alphington, Vic on Kovele Plumbing

”Fantastic! Quick response rate, arrived on time, explained what needed doing and sorted it quickly and cleanly. Great rate and would be happy to recommend Steve to anyone else. Thanks!” - Anna from Hughesdale, Vic on Konstant Maintenance Plumbing & Drainage Service

”Damien is a excellent plumber. Prompt, polite and very easy to deal with. Highly recommended.” - Di from Preston, Vic on DJH Plumbing

Compare quotes from different businesses.

On average, local plumbers in Melbourne charge around $50/hr for their services. The rates may still go up or down depending on the difficulty and scope of the job. To get accurate quotes from businesses, simply post your job at and include as many details as you can. Make sure to consider all your options with a meticulous eye so as to ensure value-for-money services.

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