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  • Dmt Coastal Plumbing

    David of DMT Coastal Plumbing is a plumber and gas fitter with extensive experience in sanitary and drainage plumbing as well as in various maintenance services. He's always ready to give professional advice.

    76 Reviews
  • Universal Plumbers & Gasfitters

    Need to find a plumber who can repair leaking taps? Universal Plumbers & Gasfitters provides an array of professional services. They are licensed and fully insured, so you can definitely rely on them for some help.

    74 Reviews
  • RP&G

    Reliance Plumbing & Gas

    Reliance Plumbing & Gas offers great prices for their high-quality services. Their plumbers typically handle general plumbing and maintenance works, and you can easily get a plumber quote for the service that you need.

    45 Reviews
  • Kingsford Plumbing & Gas

    Kingsford Plumbing & Gas provides a variety of services ranging from hot water repairs to sewer conversions. If you're looking for local plumbers, you might want to consider engaging their services.

    30 Reviews
  • Plumbsure Plumbing & Gas

    With Plumbsure Plumbing & Gas, you won't end up with substandard and poor-quality services. Their repair plumbers are experienced, licensed, and insured, so you don't have to worry about a bad plumbing job.

    32 Reviews
  • Cugleys Plumbing

    Plumbers at Cugleys Plumbing specialise in different kinds of services such as hot water repair and gas appliance installation. They usually offer a flat rate for their services, and they'd be happy to send you a plumber quote.

    25 Reviews
  • Complete Plumbing and Maintenance Services

    Complete Plumbing and Maintenance Services offers a full range of services covering gas hot water systems, drainage, and others. Stewart is a reliable plumber who can guarantee high-quality work.

    17 Reviews
  • PSPL

    Plummech Services Pty Ltd

    Looking for a reliable plumber to repair your drain? 911 Plumbing & Gas offers an array of services. With over 25 years of experience, they definitely go the extra mile to help you find the best plumbing solutions.

    18 Reviews
  • GXR Plumbing & Gas

    GXR Plumbing & Gas specialises in sewer conversion, hot water systems, and various repair works. If you're looking for an experienced sewer plumber, you might want to give them a fair go. They have a reliable team ready to help.

    20 Reviews
  • A1 Plumbing & Gas Solutions

    Losing patience over a blocked drain? You can find a plumber at A1 Plumbing & Gas Solutions who can solve your problem. Their services cover various areas in plumbing such as drainage, hot water systems, and gas appliances.

    11 Reviews

Why Hire Licensed and Qualified Plumbers in Perth

Plumbing work is one facet of buildings that needs to be done properly; otherwise, the people who’ll use the structure and the building itself will suffer from problems. So whether you’re just installing a sink or replacing a pipe, be sure to get the help of a registered plumber.

Sometimes it’s just too tempting to take plumbing matters into your own hands, especially if they seem simple enough for homeowners to handle. Many people attempt to DIY certain plumbing jobs in hopes of saving a couple of dollars. The bad news is that they often make their decision without thinking about the consequences of doing a bad plumbing work. They might even shell out serious amounts of cash in the end just to have everything fixed!

Do I really need to hire a plumber?

No matter how you look at it, getting the help of a qualified plumber is the best choice whenever you’re faced with plumbing problems. Aside from saving money in the long run, here are other good reasons you should give up all ideas of doing plumbing on your own:

  • Plumbers have the right skills.
    Unless you’re a qualified and registered plumber yourself, never think about taking things into your unskilled hands. Expert plumbers have gone through necessary training to ensure that they can complete jobs efficiently, properly, and to a high standard. They’re also knowledgeable about the different aspects of plumbing, so they can advise you on what to do to ensure that the problem will not show up again soon.

  • Plumbers are fully equipped.
    Don’t have the tools for the job? Don’t worry, you won’t have to run to the store and buy materials and products. Local plumbers always come prepared and equipped for work. They know where, when, and how to use each tool, and because of their expertise, they can ensure professional results every time.

  • Plumbers can give you the best solutions.
    Sure, you can give your leaking faucet or a dripping pipe a quick fix, but it’s just temporary. An expert water plumber will be able to know the cause, locate the exact problem, and provide the correct solution to address the problem. They know whether something just needs a simple repair or it’s already in need of a replacement. Moreover, they know how to carry out each task efficiently to give customers real value for their money.

  • Plumbers offer emergency services.
    If you encounter plumbing problems in the wee hours of the night, don’t fret. There are emergency plumbers available to take care of them for you. They’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide expert services. You can count on them to come to your place prepared and tackle whatever job you need help with.

What to look for when hiring plumbers in Perth

Plumbing is much too critical to be carried out by unqualified people who only want to rip off customers. To ensure that you will be hiring a reliable plumber, you will need to do certain things including the following:

Check if they’re licensed.

WA’s Plumbers Licensing Board (the Board) only issues licences to qualified and experienced tradespeople and contractors. So if your plumber holds a valid licence or licences given by the Board, then you can completely trust them to complete your plumbing job properly and safely.

According to WA’s Department of Commerce, the Board issues six different plumbing licences, and each licence authorises the holder to carry out a certain scope of work. Among those six licences are the following:

  1. Tradesperson’s licence - It enables the holder to carry out water supply plumbing, drainage plumbing, and sanitary plumbing jobs under the guidance of a licensed plumbing contractor. If a plumber has a tradesperson’s licence, it means that they went through training and that they already have qualifications in plumbing.

  2. Tradesperson’s licence (drainage plumbing) - This licence authorises a plumber to handle drainage plumbing work only under a licensed plumbing contractor’s supervision. It is given to plumbers who undergone training and have qualifications in drainage plumbing.

  3. Plumbing contractor’s licence - This is issued to plumbers who already hold a tradesperson’s licence. Aside from allowing them to do sanitary, water supply, and drainage plumbing work, it also authorises them to direct plumbers who hold a tradesperson’s licence and give out notices and issue certificates of compliance.

  4. Restricted plumbing permit - This licence is given to licensed electricians and gasfitters who want to carry out water heater replacement jobs, which require plumbing and electrical or plumbing and gasfitting know-how.

You should note that in WA, a gas plumber needs a separate licence from the Gas Licensing Committee to be able to take on gas fitting work.

Find out if they’re insured.

Insurance is important, especially if you want your place and things to be protected in case something bad happens. Accidents occur even when licensed professionals are the ones who are doing the work, so always remember to check whether your prospective business is fully insured or not.

Know more about their services.

Make a point of checking out a business’s specialisations and services before hiring them. This will guarantee you that all your needs will be covered just by enlisting their help and will eliminate the need to hire another business just so everything will be taken care of, which is more expensive.

Read customer reviews.

If you want to know more about the business you’re thinking of hiring, head over to their business profile here on or their website. There you will be able to browse through feedback given by their previous customers. Read those reviews to know if they’re professional, reliable, trustworthy, courteous, and fair.

Cost of hiring plumbers

It will cost you an average of $50 per hour to hire a handy plumber in Perth today. But of course, you can expect to receive varying prices from businesses as they’ll base their quotes on the scope of your job.

When you post your job on, you can receive up to 12 quotes from the plumbers on the site. Make sure to review each thoroughly to find out which business offers the best deal for your money. Also, don’t forget to include a specific job description as plumbers will use it when they give their cost estimate.

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