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Sublime Electrical Solutions


Based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney but servicing all of Sydney Metro, we are friendly, helpful, upfront, tidy, punctual and fully insured to $10million.

We have 18 years experience in:
*Industrial - testing/tagging, emergency lighting compliance, all machinery installs and mods, Allen Bradley Control Specialists, general repairs and maintenance, energy auditing.
*Commercial - fit outs, relamping, maintenance etc
*Residential - switchboard upgrades, safety switches, extra lights and power points, fault finding, smoke detectors (that work), specialist alarm installs, home automation, etc.

**NEW** We've just developed an affordable Mobile Phone GSM (Telemetry) Controller that will amaze you! This unit that measures the same size as a standard home alarm panel, will send an sms to up to 4 different alarm signals to up to 4 different mobile phone numbers anywhere on the planet which you may then react accordingly. Alarm signals may include unauthorized person/persons entering a restricted area ie property break and enter or car/truck entry, a low/high water level ie dam or water tank etc, a predetermined rising or falling temperature ie critical cool rooms, freezers, hot house, freezers or climate contolled area, Rising or falling light levels, Smoke or fire alarm, Machine fault alarm.
These units also have the capability to control 2 events straight from your mobile via sms or from one of the 4 (or all/any) programmed alarm input.
Example 1: You're away on holidays and you receive a silent sms alarm on your mobile to say that your home has been broken/entered into. You then have the option to call the authorities or a neighbor to investige further. You could also have the option to set a siren off inside your home or to even start recording video footage from an installed camera.

Example 2: Your business keeps expensive critical supplies inside a controlled environment. This unit will alert you if there is a power failure and/or if there is a drop or rise in temperature due to equipement failure when there is no personel on site.

The options for this device are almost endless. Contact us if you would like a free demonstration.
These complete ready to run battery back-up units start from $990.

We've also been fully trained by Archicentre Ptd Ltd in the environmental impact that our work has. In completing this training, we have contracted to the Federal Government to become Authorised Home Sustainability Assessors for the Green Loans Scheme. If you aren't familiar with this Federal Government scheme, please go to to find out more.

We can help you to reduce your energy/water/gas costs by performing a very comprehensive Energy Audit on your home. We'll do this for absolutely free as we are paid directly by the Federal Government! Even if you save $100 per year, isn't it worth it?
If you would like your home assessed, have any other questions regarding the scheme or would like to discuss any electrical job you may have, don't hesitate to contact us to find out more!

If you have any electrical issues, call or email us now and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!



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