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Spotswood, VIC
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Eljack Design


Eljack Design is a small building design practice focused on residential design and drafting including new homes, period homes, extensions and renovations, dual occupancies, unit developments and warehouse conversions.

Eljack Design holds the appropriate insurance and is a qualified designer (Registered Building Practitioner No. DP-AD33198 - Architectural Design) and a member of the Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV).

Our information can be confirmed on both the Building Commission and BDAV websites. Eljack Design offers competative rates and a personalised service committed to creating a home design that meets their clients needs and expectations.

Eljack Design uses a team of regular consultants including Land Surveyor, Planning consultant, Soil/Structural/Hydraulic Engineer, Thermal Assessor and Building Surveyor and will engage these services for you.

With experience in obtaining both planning and building permits leave the hassle of dealing with councils and consultants to those in the know and let Eljack Design assist in the design and documentation of your extension or new home.



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