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Banora Point, NSW
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ajb Drafting,

Specialise in 2D and 3D Structural Drawings. As structural draftsman we are experienced in a wide variety of building structures, including residential, commercial, industrial, health and entertainment developments. We take a hands on approach to developing the right structural solutions and delivering successful outcomes to our clients. My experiences have included working with such materials as:
• Reinforced Concrete
• Post tensioned concrete
• Precast concrete
• Structural steelwork
• Masonry
• Timber
• Foundations
• Retention walls
• Retaining walls
• Concrete framed buildings
• Structural steel framed buildings
• Pre-stressed concrete floors
• Timber framed construction



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Dilapidation Reports
Structural reports
Vibration monitoring
Structural drawings
Inspection report - wall removal
Inspection report - wall cracking
Inspection report - concrete spalling
Inspection report - tree root damage
Residential surveying
Boundary surveys
Mining surveys
Contour Plans & Detail Surveys
Subdivision & Redefinition Plans
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Easement Plans
GIS Data Surveys
Building Surveys
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