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  • McGovern E Clean

    McGovern E Clean is committed to providing top-quality services at an affordable rate. They have reliable specialists who have extensive experience in cleaning, so they can definitely help you out.

    47 Reviews
  • JHAC

    Jerry's Handyman and Cleaning Service

    If you're looking for quality cleaning services for hire, give Jerry's Handyman and Cleaning Service a try. They have extensive experience in office and home cleaning, and they do end of lease cleaning as well.

    43 Reviews
    Hoppers Crossing,VIC
  • FCS

    Fairtrade Cleaning Services

    Fairtrade Cleaning Services is made up of prompt and dependable house cleaners who ensure quality work. Their team can also handle residential painting, odour removal, and closet organising.

    28 Reviews
  • Express Home and Office Cleaning Tarneit

    Express Home and Office Cleaning Tarneit has highly trained specialists who handle home and office cleaning jobs. Their team is made up of reliable professionals who work hard to provide a high-quality service.

    26 Reviews
  • PW&C

    Precision Window & Cleaning Services

    Naomi of Precision Window & Cleaning Services always ensures an excellent job. She does various cleaning tasks ranging from domestic cleaning to end of lease cleaning. She is dependable and easy to deal with.

    25 Reviews
    Mount Evelyn,VIC
  • AAHR Building and Construction Maintenance Services

    AAHR Building and Construction Maintenance takes the needs of their clients into account when handling jobs. If you're looking for a professional cleaner, you can definitely find one from their team.

    20 Reviews
  • Austar Professional Cleaning

    Lisa Lin and her team of professionals have years of experience in the house cleaning industry. They provide ironing, closet organising, home decluttering, and odour removal services. They also do upholstery repairs.

    17 Reviews
    Doncaster East,VIC
  • The Science of Clean

    The Science of Clean takes pride in their systematic and carefully researched cleaning methods. They service the local residents of Melbourne's Inner Northern, Southern, and Eastern suburbs.

    15 Reviews
  • Zip Clean Pty Ltd

    Zip Clean has a team of professional cleaners who can handle house or office cleaning jobs for you. They provide various service packages and offer upholstery and steam cleaning services as well.

    77 Reviews
  • Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions pty ltd

    Clean Green with Envy Cleaning Solutions is composed of personable experts who provide eco-friendly solutions. They use only natural products and service commercial and residential properties.

    33 Reviews

Top Tips for Hiring Professional Cleaners

Cleaning is one of the most sought after services these days. This is especially true for time-poor families who barely have time to sit together for a nice family dinner during meal times. The good news is that there are plenty of house cleaning businesses to choose from. If you need to have your grease trap, fireplace, carpet, windows, swimming pool, or your outdoor area cleaned, you will surely find a cleaner who can help you out.

What type of cleaner do you need?

Cleaning businesses provide a variety of services, each with their own areas of speciality. Here is a run-down of some of the most common services offered by cleaning providers.

Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning companies get most of their business from doing house cleaning work. They offer weekly, fortnightly, and one-off cleaning services. To ensure a thorough house cleaning, professional domestic cleaners follow a strict checklist, but they are also flexible enough to accommodate special requests from customers. Aside from residential cleaning, some businesses also offer additional housekeeping services such as laundry, closet organising, house decluttering, and ironing.

Commercial Cleaning

Office buildings, malls, schools, churches, hospitals, and other business establishments are being maintained and kept clean by commercial cleaners. They usually work after-hours to avoid disrupting the normal flow of the work day of the employees who work in these buildings.

Carpet Cleaning

While it is true that commercial and domestic cleaners include carpet vacuuming in their to-do list, it is not enough to remove stains and odours that build up in your carpet over time. A thorough carpet cleaning has been known to greatly improve the lifespan of carpets which is why it is important that you have your carpet and rugs professionally cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months. Carpet cleaning specialists are highly trained and armed with the right equipment and tools for the job. Carpet cleaning businesses may also offer upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, and mattress cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

This is a specialised service offered by some cleaning businesses. Working with glass is already a delicate job as it is. When you factor in the height when cleaning tall windows or windows on the upper levels of a house or building, it becomes a job for the experts. Professional window cleaners are trained on the proper way to clean windows. They use ladders and harnesses to ensure their safety while working. For business owners, it is recommended to have their business establishments’ windows and window displays cleaned at least twice a month. Homeowners on the other hand can get away with having their windows professionally cleaned once every six months.

High-Pressure Cleaning

This type of cleaning is also referred to as waterblasting or hydrocleaning. It uses water propelled at very high speeds. The intense pressure of the water is enough to clean the dirt off walls, remove graffiti, and clean driveways, bricks, and concrete. If you have a pergola that needs to be cleaned, high-pressure washing is the way to go.

Car Detailing

Your car is an extension of your home. And just like your home, it can get cluttered and dirty, and it will need some TLC to bring the beauty of your car back to life. Mobile car detailing is another example of specialised services being offered by some cleaning businesses. Your car will be washed carefully and the interior of the car will be cleaned thoroughly.

How much does it cost to hire professional cleaners?

The rates depend on the type of cleaning services that you need, as well as the cleaning schedule that you will sign up for. House cleaning rates usually start at $25 per hour. In general, they offer lower rates if you opt for a weekly or fortnightly cleaning schedule compared to just hiring a house cleaner for a one-off cleaning job once in a blue moon.

On the other hand, window cleaners do not charge by the hour. To determine how much they will charge their customers, they will consider the number of windows, type of windows, and how dirty the windows are. Ease of access is also considered. If there are very high windows that would required ladders and harnesses, you can expect a higher price quote.

Just like with window cleaning, carpet cleaning costs are based on the carpet type, the number of stains that need to be removed, square footage, and the cleaning method that will be used to clean your carpet.

Still trying to decide whether hiring a cleaner is worth your money? Here are some feedback from customers who have hired professional cleaners to help them with their cleaning jobs.

”I am loving my fortnightly clean - everything sparkles and they work efficiently. They get more done in 2hrs than I could in 4hrs. If there is anything I need specifically cleaned during the week (rather than my normal clean), it can easily be accommodated - either for additional time or missing some of my normal clean. They regularly keep in contact to make sure everything is going well. Highly recommended." - Renee from Upwey, VIC

" Fantastic service, cleaned parts of the house we wouldn't have even looked at. Had them over for a full spring clean, highly recommend them, great value and excellent service and result. Cheers.. Paul and Iris" - Paul

" Bull Dawg Cleaning exceeded my expectations and then some. I would highly recommend this company. The price quoted was true and valid and there was no hidden fees or changes on the day of the clean. This particular team that cleaned my house ensured they dusted every blind, cleaned every window and scrubbed every floor (among many other tasks unappealing tasks that are often left unattended). Very happy with this service and would most definitely use them again. " - Cindy from Brookside Centre, QLD

”Susan and Rod are professional and did an amazing clean our new house we are moving into this week. The price was very reasonable and the results were more than what I had ever expected, as the house was a tip. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! They have made the thought of moving into our new house much more of a positive than where we were at yesterday. Thank you so very much!" - Emma from Greystanes, NSW

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