Find the cost of end of lease cleaners in NT

Average cost of end of lease cleaning services in NT

The cost of hiring end of lease cleaners in NT went through the roof this year. Based on’s latest report, NT’s average bond cleaning rate recorded the highest price increase at 86%.

This year, cleaning businesses in NT are charging the highest rates for their end of lease services at an average of $65/hr. This is definitely a massive jump from the $35/hr rate that NT cleaners used to charge in the previous year.

End of lease cleaning prices across Australia

With the spike in end of lease cleaning prices, it comes as no surprise that NT residents now pay the most for the same service. Vic is the state with the second-highest end of lease cleaning rates, but the cleaners in Vic still charge roughly $20/hr less than their NT counterparts. Tas, the state with the lowest move-out cleaning prices, charge less than half the rate of NT end of lease cleaning services.

Compare quotes from professional end of lease cleaners

Despite the massive price increase, end of lease cleaning is still a very popular industry because a professional cleaning job more or less guarantees that tenants can get their bond back. If you want to compare quotes, you can post your cleaning job here. Most exit cleaning jobs get an average of five quotes. However, it’s possible to receive up to a maximum of 12 quotes.

Published: October 16, 2015 11:20AM
Updated: August 1, 2017