Find the cost of handymen in NT

Average cost of home handiwork services in NT

Hiring a handyman in NT costs approximately the same this year compared to last year. Recent pricing data from revealed that the average cost of home handiwork in the state stayed at $50/hr from FY14 to FY15.

On the other hand, the budget and premium rates for home handiwork exhibited opposite trends. Budget handymen lowered their prices even further; the budget rate dropped 5% to $47.50/hr within a span of one year. In contrast, premium handyman services became 2% more expensive — the premium rate is now at $51.25/hr.

Cost of home handiwork services across Australia

Like NT, most of the states in Australia saw stable prices over the past year. Prices changed in only two locations for FY15: Tas and ACT. The average rate of home handiwork in Tas soared by 43%. Meanwhile, ACT residents are fortunate to enjoy lower prices for home handiwork this year.

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Published: November 10, 2015 03:24PM
Updated: August 2, 2017