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Average cost of furniture removal services in VIC

Worried about the current prices of local furniture removal services in Vic? You can breathe easy as the average price of local furniture removals in Vic remained at $80/hr for FY15. Based on the recent data pulled by, Vic has the lowest average cost of hiring local removalists.

Meanwhile, premium rates of removalists in Vic increased by 1%. From $89/hr in FY14, premium prices of local furniture removals are now at $90/hr.

Cost of local furniture removal services across Australia

Like Vic, ACT and Qld saw no movement in the average cost of local furniture removals. On the other hand, other states and territories saw an upward trend in the average rates of local removalists. NSW and WA had the largest price jump at 10%. WA now has the second most expensive local furniture removal services, as NT residents still pay the highest amount for the same service.

Compare quotes from professional removalists

You can get quotes from up to 12 businesses by posting your job on the site. You might want to check the list of top removalists in Vic as well.

Published: October 21, 2015 05:42PM
Updated: August 1, 2017