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Average cost of furniture removal services in SA

Planning a local move within SA this year? Recent pricing data shows that there’s been a slight decrease in the cost of hiring local movers.

A marginal drop in the regular price of local furniture removals in SA was recorded this year. This means that professional movers now charge their clients an average of $99/hr from $100/hr in FY14.

Budget rates also dropped by 11%, so you can hire a local mover for as low as $85/hr. Meanwhile, premium rates remained unchanged at $110/hr. On the contrary, the average cost of an interstate move increased by 8% this year and is now at $105/hr.

Cost of local furniture removal services across Australia

SA residents are fortunate to be the only ones to experience lower local furniture removal costs this year. Across the country, average prices for local moves either increased or stayed the same as last year's. Removalists in NT charge the highest prices while those in Vic offer the lowest fees.

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Published: October 22, 2015 05:26PM
Updated: August 1, 2017