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Average cost of accountanting services in SA

Good news for anyone who needs accounting services in SA:’s latest pricing report revealed an overall decline in the average rate for several accounting services in the state.

Prices of various accounting services

Business accounting and personal tax return and advice services in the state both registered a 17% reduction in average price. This means that both types of accounting services now cost just $66.17/hr on the average from $80/hr in the previous year. Both types of accounting services also have the same budget rate of $55/hr and premium rate of $90/hr.

It's also more affordable to avail of bookkeeping services in SA this year. From an average of $45/hr in FY14, bookkeeping services are now priced at around $40/hr. You can also avail of budget or premium bookkeeping services which cost $35/hr and $55/hr respectively.

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Need help with your taxes? You can post the details of your accounting job here. Typically, you can start receiving quotes within an hour after posting a job, sometimes even less. Most accounting jobs receive an average of five quotes, but you can get as many as 12 quotes.

Published: October 20, 2015 02:51PM
Updated: August 1, 2017