Find the cost of videographers in SA

Average cost of videography services in SA

According to's latest report, the average cost of hiring wedding videographers in SA increased by 67% in FY15. Last year's prices were only at around $150/hr; this year, SA residents need to ready their pockets as average prices of videography services are at $250/hr.

The site's recent data also revealed that the budget rates of SA videographers decreased by 17%. This is definitely good news for the state's residents as they can get budget services for $120/hr this year.

Prices of videography services across Australia

Among various states and territories in Australia, SA offers the most expensive videography services. This is despite the largest increase made by WA, which is at 81%. Qld also had a price jump at 20%, so they now have the second highest average rate for videographers. NSW, ACT, and Vic, on the other hand, recorded price reductions. The average cost of hiring videographers in Vic dropped by 67%. Meanwhile, ACT and NSW saw a 56% and 40% decline.

Compare quotes from professional videographers

There are heaps of skilled videographers on the site, and there's also a list of top videographers in ACT. If you're interested in getting quotes from them, you can post your job on the site and wait for them to send their quick estimates. You can start receiving quotes within an hour after your job is posted.

Published: October 30, 2015 01:52PM
Updated: August 2, 2017