Find the cost of wedding and event planners in SA

Average cost of wedding and events services in SA

Checking out wedding and events services in SA? You'll have to ready your pockets as some of these services saw higher prices in FY15. Other services, however, retained their average costs from FY14.

Based on the figures on's recent data, limousine and car hire services skyrocketed to $180/hr this year. This is a massive 227% increase from $55/hr in the year prior. Meanwhile, musicians and entertainers are charging the same average rate for their services, which is $100/hr. The cost of invitations and cards cost the same as well; the average price per unit is still $4.

Cost of wedding and events services across Australia

There were a lot of changes in the average prices of wedding and events services across various states in Australia. For instance, most of these services in NSW saw higher average costs, while Qld mostly recorded a decline in the prices. Vic, however, saw some of their wedding and events services increase in terms of prices, while others had reductions.

Compare quotes from wedding and events businesses

Posting a job on the site allows you to receive up to 12 quotes from different businesses. This is very ideal as it gives you a sufficient number of options to find the best deal.

Published: October 30, 2015 11:34AM
Updated: August 2, 2017