Find the cost of Colorbond fencing experts in ACT

Average cost of Colorbond fencing services in ACT

If you’re planning to install a Colorbond fence on your property, make sure to prepare for the costly expenses. Data revealed an increase in Colorbond fencing prices in ACT in FY15.

A 15% rise in the average cost of Colorbond fencing installation means that ACT fencers are now charging $90/m2 for their services — a significant change from their regular fee of $78.50/m2 in the previous year.

The premium rate for Colorbond fencing also jumped by 19%; it’s now at $100/m2. Customers who are after budget services will need to fork out 14% more this year. The budget fee for Colorbond fencing installation leaped to $89.25/m2 from $78/m2.

Prices of Colorbond fencing services across Australia

All in all, ACT has the highest prices for Colorbond fencing among five states and one territory this year. In contrast, the lowest rates for fencing can be found in SA after the state's fencing experts reduced their prices by about 46%.

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Published: November 04, 2015 06:19PM
Updated: January 8, 2018