Find the cost of door fitters in ACT

Average cost of door fitting services in ACT

Getting a new door installed in your property in ACT? It's definitely a good year to get this job done as the state saw the average rates of door fitters drop by 23% this year. Based on data pulled by from FY14 to FY15, you can expect to pay an average of $50/hr this year for your door fitting job.

Cost of door fitting services across Australia

Across Australia, only the door fitters in ACT cut their prices for this financial year. In contrast, a pricing increase was only exhibited in SA while prices remained at a standstill in four other states. With the average cost of a door installation job increasing by 20% in SA, the state has become the most expensive place across the country to hire this particular service. Vic door fitters, on the other hand, offer the lowest average rate for door installation.

Compare quotes from expert door fitters

By posting a job on the site, you can get as many as 12 quotes from various door fitters. Businesses usually send their estimates within an hour after a job is posted. You can also check the site's list of top door fitting services in ACT.

Published: October 30, 2015 06:28PM
Updated: August 2, 2017