Find the cost of floorers in ACT

Average cost of flooring services in ACT

Want to have new floors for your property in ACT? This is definitely a good time to start your flooring project as the state saw a 27% drop in the average rate for floorers.'s recent pricing data revealed that average flooring costs are now at $40/m2 — a $15 leap from last year's $55/m2.

Budget and premium prices of flooring services in ACT went down in FY15 too. From $46.25/m2, budget services now cost around $33.25/m2 — a 28% decline. Meanwhile, premium rates of floorers decreased 22%, so they're now at $60/m2.

Prices of flooring services across Australia

Apart from ACT, two other states also recorded a decrease in the average price of flooring services. NSW and Vic saw a 6% and 4% price drop respectively. Although they only had minimal decrease, their average rates for floorers are still lower as compared to that of ACT. In fact, Vic has the lowest average flooring cost across Australia. Meanwhile, Qld, SA, and WA recorded higher average prices this year.

Compare quotes from professional floorers

It's easy to get quotes from the top floorers in ACT. Simply post your job here and wait for businesses to respond with their estimates. You can expect to receive quotes within hours after your job is posted.

Published: November 05, 2015 05:17PM
Updated: August 2, 2017