Find the cost of concreters in ACT

Average cost of concreting services in ACT

If you're planning on having a new concrete driveway or a patio built, you might be interested to know that the cost of concreting services in ACT remained unchanged over the last financial year.

According to recent pricing data from, the average cost of a concreting job in ACT is still $60/m2. On the other hand, premium rates dipped by 13%, so you can get premium concreting services at roughly $65/m2 this year.

Cost of concreting services across Australia

ACT is the only one to exhibit unchanged prices for concreting work among seven Australian states and territories. A good majority of the states saw the average cost of a concreting job rise. In contrast, two states, namely Tas and WA, saw a dip in the average rate of concreting services. Despite a price reduction, Tas concreters still charge the highest rates. On the other hand, the lowest average prices for concreting can be seen in Qld.

Compare quotes from professional concreters

Before hiring a concreter, you have to get quotes from various businesses first. Posting a job on allows you to receive as many as 12 quotes, and they can start arriving within an hour.

Published: November 05, 2015 05:31PM
Updated: August 2, 2017