Find the cost of handymen in ACT

Average cost of home handiwork services in ACT

Based on recent data gathered by, the average home handiwork rate in ACT decreased by 18% over the past financial year. From $55/hr in the year prior, the average cost of hiring handymen is now at $45/hr.

Budget handymen services in ACT also recorded lower prices in FY15. Due to a 30% reduction, budget prices are now at $35/hr. Meanwhile, premium rates of handymen saw a 23% decline; they're now at $50/hr.

Home handiwork rates across Australia

ACT is the only place in Australia that saw a price drop in FY15, while Tas is the only one that had an increase in the average cost of home handiwork services. The rest — SA, NSW, NT, WA, Vic, and Qld — saw no movement in the average rates of handymen.

Compare quotes from professional handymen

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Published: November 09, 2015 04:44PM
Updated: August 2, 2017