Find the cost of end of lease cleaners in ACT

Average cost of end of lease cleaning services in ACT

If you want to get your bond back when you move, you'll probably need to hire an end of lease cleaner to provide you with a thorough cleaning service. Getting a professional end of lease cleaning service in ACT this year costs as much as it did in 2014.

Based on’s recent data, cleaning businesses in ACT are still charging an average fee of $30/hr for a typical bond cleaning service.

Rates of end of lease cleaning services across Australia

Just like with ACT, median rates for end of lease cleaning in other Australian states mostly stayed the same. The exceptions are NSW and NT. NSW recorded a 20% reduction in average bond cleaning prices. However, rates for the same service skyrocketed in NT with average prices jumping roughly 85.6%.

Compare quotes from end of lease cleaners

You can make your move less stressful by hiring a professional bond cleaner. You can post your end of lease cleaning job here. Most cleaning jobs receive an average of five quotes, but it’s possible to get up to a maximum of 12 end of lease cleaning quotes.

Published: October 14, 2015 05:53PM
Updated: August 1, 2017