Find the cost of bond cleaners in NSW

Average cost of bond cleaning services in NSW

Looking for professional cleaners to provide you with an end of lease cleaning service? You'll be pleased to learn that the average cost of bond cleaning services in NSW saw a sizeable 20% drop. From $44/hr in FY14, local bond cleaners are now charging only $35/hr on average.

If you want to get a more affordable service, NSW's budget cleaners lowered their rates even further as well. The cost of a budget end of lease cleaning service has dropped to around $30/hr from $35/hr in the year prior. Premium services also cost marginally lower at $44/hr compared to $45/hr the previous year.

Cost of bond cleaning services across Australia

NSW residents are the only fortunate ones to see a price reduction for bond cleaning. Most of the other places in Australia saw unchanged prices over the past year. End of lease cleaners from NT even raised their prices dramatically this year.

Compare quotes from professional bond cleaners

To get your bond back, you have to make sure that the cleaners you'll hire will make your old place spotlessly clean. Posting your job on the site allows you to get as many as 12 quotes from end of lease cleaning experts. Having several quotes to choose from will definitely help you pick out the best cleaner for the job.

Published: November 11, 2015 02:51PM
Updated: August 2, 2017