Find the cost of painters in NSW

Average cost of painting services in NSW

NSW is one of the states that spends the most amount of money on home improvement, and interior house painting remains one of their top renovation industries. Based on the latest data compiled by, the average price of painting services in NSW remains at $40/hr.

The premium rate of expert painters in NSW also stayed the same from FY14 to FY15, and that's $45/hr. On the other hand, budget prices of painting services went up by 9%. From $32/hr in FY14, budget painting services are now at $35/hr.

Cost of painting services across Australia

Apart from NSW, other states and territories - including ACT, WA, Qld, and Vic - did not experience an increase in the average cost of their painting services. The average rate of painters in Tas and NT, on the other hand, rose by 13% and 10% respectively. SA saw a 5% increase in the average price of painting services, but they still have one of the lowest average rates in the Australian painting industry.

Compare quotes from professional painters

Painting your walls may seem easy, but if you want to get a professional finish that will last for years, it’s best to hire an interior house painter to do the work for you. You can post the details of your job here. Most painting jobs receive an average of five quotes, but the maximum number of quotes that you can get is 12.

Published: October 21, 2015 03:35PM
Updated: August 1, 2017