Find the cost of window repairers in NSW

Average cost of window repair services in NSW

Got a broken window that you need to fix? You can expect to pay window repairers an average rate of $50/hr — the same price as last financial year. This is according to recent data by

Meanwhile, the budget and premium prices of window repair services in NSW decreased. Budget rates are now down to $47.50/hr — a 5% decline from $50/hr in FY14. Premium rates had a 6% decrease, so they're now at $56.25/hr.

Cost of window repair services across Australia

Even though the average cost of hiring window repairers in NSW didn't go down, the state's residents are still lucky because, unlike other states, they don't have to pay higher fees this year. Also, they have the lowest average cost of window repair services across Australia. SA, Qld, and Vic had an increase in their average prices. SA residents had the biggest misfortune, with the average rate of window repairers jumping to $70/hr — that's a whopping 133% increase from last year's $30/hr.

Compare quotes from professional window repairers

If you need quotes for a window repair service, you might want to check the site's list of top window repairers in NSW. You can also post your job here to receive up to 12 quotes.

Published: October 30, 2015 11:51AM
Updated: August 2, 2017