Find the cost of electricians in NSW

Average cost of electrical services in NSW

Residents of NSW can look forward to affordable electrical rates this year,’s pricing data reveals.

The data shows no movement in the regular cost of hiring professional electricians in the state. Sparkies in NSW still charge their clients a low average standard price of $65.00/hr for their services.

A slight increase was seen in the maximum rate of local electricians, though. It went up 4% to an average of $75.00/hr. It was $3.00 lower in the previous year at an average of $72.00/hr.

Contrastingly, the minimum price of professional electrical services in NSW dropped. The lowest cost of hiring a sparky this year is 8% lower at an average of $55.00/hr. In FY2014, it was at an average of $60.00/hr.

Comparison with other Australian states

Although the ceiling fee for electrical services in NSW increased, it’s still low as compared to the rates in other states and territories. This year, NSW is one of the two states that have the lowest cost of hiring local electricians.

Compare quotes from local electricians

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Published: October 13, 2015 10:59AM
Updated: August 1, 2017