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Average cost of tax agent services in NSW

Now is a great time to hire a professional tax agent in NSW as average hourly prices for personal tax returns and advice in the state dipped by 18%.

According to’s recent pricing data, tax return experts in the state are charging $14/hr less on the average in FY15 than they did in the year prior. This means that from $80/hr in FY14, the average cost of a taxation service is now down to $66/hr for this financial year.

The budget rate for personal tax return services also dipped this year. From around $45/hr in the previous year, the budget rate dropped by 33% to roughly $30/hr for the current year.

Tax agents’ rates across Australia

The figures reveal that there’s a downward trend in the average cost of tax return services in Australia in FY15. Aside from NSW, four other states and one territory also experienced a downturn in the average fee this year. The data also shows that only one state—WA—retained its average hourly tax return rate over the past financial year.

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Published: October 20, 2015 05:04PM
Updated: August 1, 2017