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Average cost of paving services in NSW

NSW residents should ready their pockets as the average cost of paving installation in the state increased by 83% this financial year. Based on data recorded by, paving rates shot up to $55/m2 from last year's $30/m2.

Budget prices of paving services in NSW also went up. From $30/m2 in FY14, they're now at $35/m2 — a 17% rise. Premium rates of paving experts also rose by 44%, so they're now at $65/m2.

Cost of paving services across Australia

SA and WA saw their average paving rates increase in FY15 as well. However, it's interesting to note that these two states have the lowest average prices for paving services across Australia. WA, with a 10% hike, has the lowest average rate at $22/m2. Meanwhile, SA, which saw a 25% price jump, has the second lowest average rate at $35/m2. ACT, despite a 7% decline, still has the highest average cost of paving services, which is $70/m2.

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Published: November 10, 2015 04:51PM
Updated: August 2, 2017