Find the cost of exterminators in NSW

Average cost of extermination services in NSW

Hiring a pest control expert in NSW costs a lot higher this year, as revealed by's recent reports on pricing. The average cost of exterminations in the state is 50% higher in FY15 compared to the previous year; a professional pest control service now costs $135/hr on average.

Even the budget and premium rates exhibited a sizeable growth of 67% and 55% respectively. A budget extermination service now costs around $130/hr while premium rates can reach $150/hr or higher.

Prices of pest control services across Australia

Despite the fairly large price increase, NSW is still only second to Vic when it comes to steep pest control prices. The recent pricing changes caused Vic and Qld to switch positions in the pricing table. From being last year's most expensive state for pest control services, Qld is now the most affordable. On average, Qld exterminators only charge a third of the fees that Vic pest control experts do.

Compare quotes from expert exterminators

The key to getting the best pest control service is to compare quotes from several qualified businesses. When you post a job on the site, you can receive as many as a dozen quotes in a matter of hours. The usual number of estimates that most jobs get is five.

Published: October 30, 2015 11:40AM
Updated: August 2, 2017