Find the cost of bricklayers in NSW

Average Price
10.0% from last year

$50.0 /hour

Last YearFY 2014

$55.0 /hour

This YearFY 2015
Price Range

Average cost of bricklaying services in NSW

According to the latest data gathered by, the bricklaying industry’s average rate went up approximately 5% over the last financial year. From $50/m2 in FY14, the average rate is now at $52.50/m2. This marginal increase is reflective of the rising inflation levels of services across NSW.

Both budget and premium rates also exhibited higher prices this year. Budget bricklaying services now cost $48.75/m2 while premium rates stand at $81.25/m2. This shows a 22% and 16% increase for budget and premium bricklaying services respectively.

Bricklaying rates across Australia

Despite the increase, bricklaying rates in NSW are still relatively cheap in comparison to the average price of bricklaying in Qld, the state that has the highest average bricklaying prices. On the other hand, WA bricklaying contractors charge the lowest fees for their services.

Get quotes from expert bricklayers

Now is a suitable time for NSW homeowners to consider bricklaying services. You can post a job here so you can start comparing prices. Bricklaying jobs normally get an average of five quotes with 12 as the maximum number of quotes that each job can receive.

Published: October 23, 2015 04:52PM
Updated: August 1, 2017