Find the cost of Colorbond fencing experts in VIC

Average cost of Colorbond fencing services in VIC

Residents in Vic who are looking to install a new Colorbond fence in their property will be pleased to know that the average price for this particular service dipped by 7% over the past financial year.

According to recent pricing data from, a typical Colorbond or steel fencing job in Vic now costs just $65/m2 on average — $5/m2 less than last year's price. On the other hand, the premium rate stayed at $75/m2.

Cost of Colorbond fencing across Australia

Apart from Vic, SA is the only state to experience lower average prices for Colorbond fencing this year. ACT and Qld fencing contractors raised their prices while fencers from WA and NSW kept their rates steady over the last year. ACT has the highest average price for Colorbond fencing while SA residents enjoy the lowest rates.

Compare quotes from Colorbond fencing installers

If you want to know more about our fencing businesses, you can find a list of the top Colorbond fencing contractors in Vic here. You can also post your job to get quotes from several local fencing installers.

Published: November 04, 2015 06:11PM
Updated: January 8, 2018