Find the cost of tilers in VIC

Average cost of tiling services in VIC

Due to a 22% spike in general tiling prices in Vic, the state now charges the highest fees for this particular renovation service.

According to the pricing data compiled by, tilers in Vic have increased their rates by an average of $10/m2. This means that from $45/m2 in FY14, a typical tiling job now costs $55/m2. If you're having a large bathroom or kitchen tiled, this price increase will definitely have a huge effect on the total cost of your job.

Average tiling prices across Australia

Vic is not the only state to record an increase in the average price of general tiling services. SA, Qld, and WA also exhibited higher average tiling prices this year compared to last year. ACT used to charge the highest average tiling price in FY14, but Vic took their spot after ACT tilers reduced their prices by 9%.

Compare quotes from professional tilers

You can check the top bathroom tiling businesses here. To get quotes from them, simply post the details of your bathroom tiling job. Although you can get as many as 12 quotes, the average number of quotes that most tiling jobs get is five.

Published: October 19, 2015 01:37PM
Updated: August 1, 2017