Find the cost of wedding and event planners in VIC

Average cost of wedding and events services in VIC

Preparing for your wedding? You might want to make adjustments to your budget. This year, some wedding and events services in Vic increased in terms of prices, while others saw significant price reductions.

According to's recent pricing data, celebrants in Vic charge an average rate of $80/hr in FY15 — a 45% increase from last year's average price. Music and entertainment services recorded higher prices as well. The average rates of musicians and entertainers shot up by 58%, so they're now at $150/hr. The average cost of flowers and decorations also went up by 10%.

Meanwhile, average prices for other services like limousine and car hire, invitations and cards, and catering decreased over the past financial year. If you're dreaming of a stylish car for your wedding, you would surely be delighted to know that limousine and car hire services in Vic dipped by 32%. You can now rent a vehicle for your wedding or any event at an average price of $85/hr.

Cost of wedding and events services across Australia

A lot of changes in prices for wedding and events services were seen across Australia. NSW, for instance, saw the average prices of their services go up. Qld, on the other hand, recorded lower average costs for the same services.

Compare quotes from wedding and events businesses

To make the most of your money, it's best to get quotes from different wedding and events businesses. Compare them to see where you can get the best deal. When you post a job on the site, you can receive as many as 12 estimates for the service that you need.

Published: October 30, 2015 11:09AM
Updated: August 2, 2017