Find the cost of renovators in VIC

Average cost of renovations and extensions in VIC

Now is a good time to start your home renovation project as the average cost of home renos in Vic remained stable over the last financial year. Pricing reports from revealed that a typical renovation project in the state costs $50/hr on average.

If you're looking to complete your renovation on a budget, you'll be pleased to know that the budget rate also remained unchanged at $40/hr. Meanwhile, premium renovation services still cost $55/hr as well.

Cost of renovations and extensions across Australia

With renovation costs rising across several states, Vic and Qld residents are still fortunate to live in the only two states to see unchanged prices. As in FY14, the most expensive state to renovate and extend your property is still WA. In contrast, hiring a renovation expert is most affordable in Vic, Qld, and Tas.

Compare quotes from renovation experts

Renovators needed? To get the best value for your money, it's important to get estimates from several renovation companies. You can post your job here to get quotes from as many as 12 businesses. In addition, you can check out our list of the top renovators in Vic.

Published: November 10, 2015 04:06PM
Updated: August 2, 2017