Find the cost of paving experts in VIC

Average cost of paving services in VIC

Vic saw steady rates for regular paving services this financial year. Based on the most recent data pulled by, the average cost of paving services in Vic remains at $65/m2.

Meanwhile, budget prices of paving services in Vic increased by 9%. From $55/m2 in FY14, budget services now cost $60/m2. Premium rates, on the other hand, dipped by 6% over the past financial year; they're now at $75/m2.

Cost of paving services across Australia

NSW made the most significant change in the average price of paving services. However, despite a whopping 83% increase, the state is still lucky not to have the most expensive paving services across Australia. ACT residents would have to be the unfortunate ones as the territory still offers the highest average rate for paving experts — despite a 7% price drop in FY15.

Compare quotes from paving experts

The site has a list of the best paving services in Vic, and you might want to view this to guide you in hiring a business. You can also post your job here so that you can compare as many as 12 quotes.

Published: November 10, 2015 05:00PM
Updated: August 2, 2017